Lizzo and Cardi B as goddesses in the new music video “Rumors”. You have to see it!

Lizzo, who conquered the music market with the songs “Juice” and “Truth Hurts” and has won three Grammy Awards, returns to the stage after a two-year hiatus in the new single “Rumors”. Today, an effective music video has appeared on the web. Have you seen it yet?

The fruit of the cooperation between Lizzo and Cardi B has only just seen the light of day, and it has already aroused a lot of emotions. The ubiquitous gold, catchy beat and good message cannot match what attracts the most attention – Cardi B’s exposed pregnancy belly.

The video is directed by Tanu Muino, who portrayed both singers as Greek goddesses bathed in gold. It is an interesting visual feast in which the artists boldly show their shapes. However, everyone’s eyes are on the extremely scantily clad Cardi B who sings proudly, emphasizing the (large) pregnancy belly!

Lizzo starts a new era with his music video “Rumors”, in which he addresses critics and haters. He sings sarcastically that “all rumors are true,” unequivocally denying them. Before the clip appeared on the web, Lizzo and Cardi B had a live coverage on social media in which they joked about the unflattering rumors surrounding them.

Lizzo confessed that she dreamed of working with Cardi B for a very long time. She knew that she wanted to sing the song “Rumors” only with her and asked the producers to do it. “She is true to herself all the time. She never did it to be cool, to be liked. He is a superstar. She changed the rules of the game forever, “Lizzo confessed about Cardi.

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