Lizzo targeted by a complaint for sexual harassment by her own dancers, the details are chilling Lemberger Zeitung

The entertainment world is once again affected by a major scandal. While the #MeToo movement is now shaking up DJs and the testimonies are linked, a famous artist finds herself today at the heart of a huge controversy.

Serious facts alleged against Lizzo

This Tuesday, August 1, 2023, three Lizzo dancers filed a complaint against the singer. The charges against him are manifold. The interpreter of Juice would have notably established a toxic work climate within its teams but not only. She is also accused of sexual harassment, racial and religious and would have criticized the physique of one of his dancers who would have gained weight. A false sequestration was also mentioned in the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Lizzo is not the only one to be targeted by a complaint. The singer’s dance captain is accused of doing proselytizing with other artists in addition to making fun of people who had sex before marriage and publicly addressing the virginity of one of the dancers.

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“The way Lizzo and her management team have treated their co-workers seems to go against everything Lizzo stands for publicly, while privately she shames her dancers and belittles them in ways that are not only illegal but absolutely demoralizing”said the plaintiffs’ attorney in the report obtained by NBC News.

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Deplorable behavior

In the complaint, the Lizzo dancers also return to an event that allegedly took place in a club in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The singer would have forced the latter to touch naked dancers in addition to “eating bananas protruding from their vagina”. “What Lizzo failed to mention when inviting the dancers to this performance was that it was a naked cabaret bar”, said the lawyer for the plaintiffs. For the moment, Lizzo has not reacted to these serious accusations.

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