Loan in francs. “Highest installments in history”

– For most franchisees, the next installment will be the highest since obtaining the loan – Expander analysts believe. However, the decline in the Swiss currency is not visible on the horizon.

Franc exchange rate Swiss zloty hit 4.5 zlotys. This, experts say, will translate into a significant increase in loan installments in this currency.

– If the current exchange rate of the franc remains at this level, almost all franchise holders will pay the highest installment in history – believes Jarosław Sadowski, chief analyst of Expander Advisors.

However, as analysts add, there is no indication that the Swiss currency would suddenly lose against the zloty. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the exchange rate of the franc has been constantly above 4 zlotys.

Expander’s calculations show that over the past 6 months, the loan installment in the amount of PLN 300,000 PLN contracted for 30 years in January 2008. increased from PLN 1,834 to PLN 2,022.

Loan in francs versus loan in zlotys. Who will pay how much

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