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16 years after being founded by Pope Benedict XVI, the Diocese of Ensenada continues to evangelize and show gestures of love and forgiveness in the style of Jesus, 16 years after it was founded by Pope Benedict XVI persuaded to appear.
During the Eucharistic celebration for the anniversary, Bishop Rafael Valdez Torres of the Diocese of Ensenada recalled that the different parish communities, groups, are called to bear fruit from the holy life and their example in the Diocese.
He indicated that Jesus’ only mandate is love, which is often confused with sexual, sentimental or commercial, and that it is easy to love those with whom one has a relationship, but Jesus’ love defines it as distributive. Is, charity, interested in the welfare of the brother and imitate his gestures and actions.
“God calls us not to heroic deeds, but to spread that love with small gestures, small, very concrete actions every day, in our dioceses, our cities, our presbyteries, our families, all institutions and The whole society should, he said, make these gestures of respect, service, fraternity and goodness in God’s style to implement the commandment of love more and more every day.

love, propaganda
Valdez Torres stresses that, in the style of Jesus, love is for everyone without exception, which is why this mandate becomes the basis of evangelization, as training, missionary or charitable activities feel love for those cannot be conducted without those who are in need or who lack the knowledge of God.
“Whoever shuts himself up in his ego or his ‘yoyismo’ without being open to God and his brothers and sisters, cannot be fruitful in spite of the many capabilities that God has bestowed upon him; The love of Jesus is demanding, imperative, giving everything to the extent of giving up his life for the one he loves, loving means giving up many things, above all selfishness”, he shared.
The head of the Catholic Church in Ensenada noted that, in addition to an examination of individual conscience, it is convenient to review dioceses, presbyteries, parishes, consecrated life, commissions and groups and movements in order to analyze how they have responded to diocesan life. mandate in the first 16 years of
“We were destined to bear fruit, He chose us and gave us the mission to go and bear fruit, a fruit that remains… So our diocese needs to be missionary, if we are chosen, to bear fruit.” destined to produce, if it has commanded us to love, we are called to bring the Gospel with joy and joy to all our brothers, our relatives, our friends, our co-workers, the missionary Church”, he repeated.

a private church
Valdez Torres noted that 16 years ago, the Diocese of Ensenada had received the task of being a private church in which to bring the Gospel to all by Pope Benedict XVI, who currently has the challenge of finding new ways to bring the Gospel to all. allow to say.
“We have a challenge of unity, of the Synodal Way, of building unity even across parties and peoples, and of separating ourselves from those with opposing views, we must make space for listening and understanding, dialogue and listening with respect, always Open to brothers, the Church is a community of missionary disciples on the way out who prioritize, who engage, who accompany, who bear fruit and who celebrate”, he concluded.

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