Lockdown for everyone in Austria from Monday

Austria is the first country in Western Europe to enter a total lockdown this fall. It will apply from Monday for a maximum of 20 days. In addition, the government in Vienna decided to impose mandatory vaccination against Covid-19 for the entire population from February 1, 2022.

Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced at a press conference that lockdown will be introduced across the country from Monday. It will apply to everyone, whether they are vaccinated against Covid-19 or not.

There will be no new restrictions. That’s the government’s plan

There will be no new restrictions.  That's the government's plan

Initially, the lockdown will be in force for 10 days, then it may be extended. However, it will not last longer than 20 days and will automatically expire on December 12th.

In addition, the obligation to have the FFP2 mask in closed rooms will be introduced from Monday.

The government recommends switching to remote work.

Schools and kindergartens will remain open.

Adoption of the third, additional dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 will be possible already 4 months after the completion of the full vaccination course.

And the most important, From February 1, 2022 at the latest, Austria – as the first country in the European Union – introduces compulsory vaccinations for all citizens.

The government has yet to prepare the relevant regulations. There will be heavy fines for refusing to vaccinate. There will also be exceptions – the obligation will not apply to people with medical contraindications.

For a long time in Austria, there was political agreement that compulsory vaccination was not necessary.

“We have to face the truth,” said Chancellor Schallenberg, “we have failed to convince enough people to accept the vaccine, there are too many anti-vaccination environments in the country. The consequence is overcrowded intensive care units and endless human suffering.”

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