Lockdown in Slovakia for everyone. There is a government decision

Due to the increase in new infections, Slovakia will introduce a nationwide lockdown. It is to be in force for two weeks. Schools will remain open and only people who have had a Covid-19 infection or have tested negative will be admitted to workplaces.

Vaccination verification, i.e. specter project. No effects after meeting with Witek

Today, more than 10,000 jobs have been recorded in Slovakia. new infections. This is the most since the pandemic started.

Following the example of its neighbor – Austria – the government in Bratislava decided to introduce a 14-day, nationwide lockdown.

Restrictions are expected to apply to everyone – including people vaccinated against Covid-19.

Government experts recommended even stricter restrictions. Lockdown – in their opinion – should last three weeks.

According to preliminary information, only shops with basic necessities and schools are to be opened in the country. Employers will check anti-covid certificates.

After 10 days, the government will evaluate the effects of the measures taken.

Possible lockdown in Germany. Compulsory vaccinations for soldiers

The Slovak press writes about a humanitarian catastrophe. In March, patients from Slovakia were helped by hospitals in Poland. The media write that the Minister of Health Vladimir Lengvarski talks about a similar solution, as well as sending additional medical personnel with the institutions of the European Union.

Experts, politicians and some celebrities are calling for participation in the vaccination campaign. In Slovakia, 47.33 percent were vaccinated. inhabitants, which differs from the European average.

The rescuers of Horska Slużba (HS) addressed the tourists with an emotional appeal for vaccination.

It is more than possible that after saving you in the mountains, there will be no one to look after you in the hospital“- they wrote on the websites. They pointed out that their rescue helicopters will be used not in the mountains, but to transport people suffering from Covid-19.

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