Loic Baade: “I have only good memories of Lens” – C1 – Gr. B – Sevilla FC-Lens

If that continues, he will send Lansois supporters into a tizzy.

Loic Bade will reunite with one of his former teams: RC Lens on Wednesday evening, for the first Champions League match of his career. And he has not forgotten his time in Artois during the 2020-2021 season, as he said to beIN Sports: “ Memories in the lens, I have many, and only good (…) in the lens, I have only positive things to get out of it “. He also has no doubts that Lensois will recover from his disastrous start to the season: “ These are things that can happen, these are very complicated moments, but they will get through it very quickly. This is a team that works hard and is full of humility. “. This duel between two teams in a bad position (Sevilla is 17I of the Liga), would therefore be a great opportunity to relaunch, to ride the potential dynamics of European success. Also an opportunity to show that the eventual winner of C3 is in his place in C1: “ We have the opportunity to show that we are capable of showing good things in the Champions League as well, so we are keen to show that we are not just a Europa League team. ,

For the first European Cup meeting this season, Sevilla will be able to rely on the experience of a certain Sergio Ramos. Coincidence or not, his first match in the Andalusian jersey last weekend coincided with the first match of the season, which saw no goals scored for Jose Luis Mendilibar’s side. First win also. And for Loic Baade, the former Madrid player is a strong reinforcement for the group: “ This is very reassuring. Their presence in the group during training is what allows us all to become more professional, because we have “an example”, so we want to do even better. And that has been confirmed on the pitch, the fact that he is there gives us great confidence and it is nothing but positive for the team. ,

During the last match against Racing, Sergio Ramos, in any case, conceded three goals to one at the Parc des Princes.

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