LoL: We welcome the return of the National Tour, where players will be able to compete for new opportunities in a competitive world

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A new beginning in amateur athletics is about to begin because National Tour They return the best players from each country, seeking to showcase their best qualities in order to be able to climb the tournament standings to enter the professional competitive scene, where the best players strive to become the best players in the region.

The National Circuit, the League of Legends event that opens the door to regional leagues, will return in 2024. The national circuit is organized by LVP (GRUP MEDIAPRO) and aims to promote the development of talent through the LAN national competitions (Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Central America and the Caribbean) and LAS (Argentina, Peru and Chile). Registration is now open via the ArenaGG page.

“We are very excited about the return of the National Tour and the new commitment that will begin within League of Legends’ competitive ecosystem. We believe that this game will produce great teams and players who will soon make history.”

Jordi Soler, CEO of the Professional Video Game Alliance.

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All emerging talents League of Legends People in the area can participate in these competitions. Players must be at least 16 years old and must be in their region when playing the game, have an account on a LAN server, and have the necessary conditions to play in Recruitment mode.

To meet new challengers in the region, teams will compete in 3 scored tournaments, a best-of-3 straight knockout format, in which organizations will have to do their best to rise to the top of the standings, as the most qualified will be those who will advance to the next round. first stage person Playoffs.

The winners from each country will compete in a best-of-five series and be directly eliminated to determine the overall champion. National Tour Players from each division will compete with the eighth-ranked team for a spot in the 2025 league. LRN or LRSrespectively.

The 2024 regional league season will begin in April next year.Remember the Argentina team last year? Primates Team South takes the crown while Team Costa Rica takes the title Saprisa Esports He is the Champion of the North and the great champion of the duel of kings.

The rewards of these tournaments are very good as the competition at the amateur level will increase so that there are new commitments for those who want to make a place on the professional scene, the National Championships are an opportunity for all players from different countries to have a chance to prove to themselves that they have Get ready to move to the next level.

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