Lola Daviet, behind the crime perhaps a quarrel between the arrested woman and the mother of the twelve-year-old tortured –

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Dahbia B. in front of the investigators first confessed to the crime then retracted: “She is cold, not emotional, prey to psychic problems”

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PARIS – During the interrogations
Dahbia B. confessed to the crime then retracted
. Investigators describe it as cold, unemotionalbut also confused and in the throes of psychic problems. The 24-year-old homeless may have raped, tortured and killed Lola Daviet, 12, for take revenge after an argument with the child’s mother. In recent weeks, the alleged murderess has frequented the condominium in rue Manin, in 19th arrondissement of Parisbecause he was sometimes a guest in the apartment of his sister, Friha B, who was two years older.

The Daviet family lives in the same building: Lola, her brother and parents, who are the custodians of that condominium and other nearby properties. One day Dahbia asked Lola’s mother, Delphine Daviet, for a “Vigik” badgeusually used by caretakers to open doors. The woman refused and one was born disagreement, which is currently the only link between Dahbia B. and Lola. Friday at 3:17 pm, just out of school, Lola entered the front door and Dahbia B. signaled her to follow her. The little girl appeared hesitant and afraid but the girl convinced her not to go straight to the house where her parents were waiting for her, and instead to go up with her to the apartment of her sister Friha B., who was at work at that moment.

According to the Paris prosecutor, once in the apartment Dahbia B. forced Lola to take a showerthen made them suffer sexual abuse and made cuts all over her body, especially her back and throat. After death by asphyxiation, wrote in red “1” on the sole of one foot and “0” on the sole of the other. Then he put the body in a large plastic trunkand took it with her when she left the palace, around 5pm. Many witnesses saw Dahbia B. in a daze asking for help to carry the trunk. The girl went in and out of a bar, at one point she went to the baker next to her to buy herself a croissant, then she went back to the cafe with a manto whom she offered money saying she was one organ trafficker.

The man put his hand inside the trunk, he thought he recognized a human limb and smelled a strong smell of blood and bleach. When he left the bar he went to the police, but in the meantime the woman found help in Rachid N.43 years old, an old acquaintance of his driver, who has loaded the trunk into his car and accompanied Dahbia B. to her apartment in Asnières-sur-Seine. About two hours later, when the police were looking for Lola and her parents had posted her photo on social media in hopes of finding her, Dahbia B. called an Uber and was taken back, always with the trunk, to the scene of the crime.

The trunk with the body was then found around 11.20pm200 meters from Lola’s building, by a homeless man who notified the police. Dahbia B. then she spent the night at Amine K.’s home in Bois-Colombes, where she was arrested at dawn. One is indicated in the police report “Unprecedented ease in passing the act”and an absolute coldness: the agents showed her the photos of Lola torturedand she replied “it makes me neither hot nor cold. I too was raped and saw my parents die in front of me. ” After admitting to the crime, at the end of the interrogation she backed down saying “it is impossible for me to kill a child“.

Sister Friha B. told investigators that Dahbia has been around for a few years lives on the fringes of society and she is used to saying disconnected phrases with an obsession with “love” and “heaven”. In 2018 Dahbia B. was subjected to marital violence, according to police records. Lola’s martyrdom caused enormous emotion in France and even one political controversy. Dahbia B. is a ‘Algerian without a residence permitin August she was stopped at the airport in Paris and was notified of a obligation to leave French territory in 30 days. Even the man who helped her and that is why he is being investigated, Rachid N., is an Algerian in irregular situation.

The far right, from Eric Zemmour to Marine Le Pendenounced the laxity of the authorities and also their silence. The crime took place on Friday evening, but the first public reaction arrived on Monday with a visit from the Minister of Education, Pap Ndiayeat the girl’s middle school, and then with a phrase from the première dame Brigitte Macron which he defined “Abominable and intolerable” the fate of Lola. Meanwhile, the president Emmanuel Macron ignored the affair, writing instead a tweet in memory of the massacre of Algerians in Paris in 1961and the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin posted another tweet in which he praised a play at the Antoine theater, ignoring the crime that all of France was talking about. Tuesday morning Darmanin defended himself from the accusations saying he talked to Lola’s parents and accusing him of “Indecency” the politicians tempted to exploit his death: «I think that politicians, or in any case those who define themselves as such, should reflect on the consequences of their words, if only for the families who see the photo of their child circulating everywhere. In addition to the drama that falls upon a family, there is the indecency of the people who turn this story into an election flyer“.

But even from the left there are criticisms of what appears to be embarrassment on the part of the government, while the investigation continueswith new psychiatric reports, to ascertain if the only track at the moment, that of revenge later the quarrel between Dahbia B. and Lola’s motheris really the motive for the crime.

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