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Created by LoL fan Pimeko, LoLdle allows players to enjoy mini-games with new offers every day, as well as other LoL-related challenges.


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Daily LoLdle Quote – January 3, 2024

LoLdle offers you a variety of challenges: Champions, Quotes, Abilities, Emoticons and Splashes. For each challenge, you have to guess a different league champion based on the information given.

Once you start guessing, you’ll see a series of boxes showing the mystery champion’s genre, location, species, resource, range, region, and year of release. Depending on your answers, the boxes will change their color to green, yellow, or red depending on whether they are correct (or close). These clues will help you get closer to the answer.

for quote challenge, Loder show a random quote From the champion. After a few wrong guesses, you’ll get an additional audio clue, which is a voice track from a quote spoken by the in-game champion.

this Ability Challenge Show a random icon ability, which can be any spell (or passive spell) from a random champion. It also displays the name of the ability as an additional hint if you guess some wrong.

this Splash Challenge shows part of the random splash art in the gamecan be from a champion or a skin, and shrink with every wrong guess.

Recently, LoLdle also added Emoji Challenge: You have to guess the winner based on some emojis Relevant to the theme or distinctive characteristics of the champion.

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LoLdle Answers Today – Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Occasionally, you may find yourself struggling with LoLdle quizzes and losing your streak. If you’re afraid of spoiling it, you can find the answer for the day below.

Realize! If you don’t want spoilers, make sure not to scroll here. Proceed with caution.

These are the LoLdle results for the day: we hope it helps you keep your winning streak going. Today’s main LoLdle quote is: “If I eat you, will I learn how to die?” It comes from Khazik.

Loldle’s other answers on January 3, 2024 are:

  • classic: Karma
  • Quote: Kazik
  • ability: Naferi (passive)
  • Emoticons: Galen
  • Splash Art: Talon (Traitor)
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LoLdle Quotes – Answers and Solutions Archive

If you want to check out some of the previous content Loder Compare them with today’s answers Loder Answers, you can find them below our Loder Quotes and solutions archive.


  • January 2 LoLdle = Zoe, Kasumi, Gwen, Annie, Skarner
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