Lollapalooza 2023: Top 5 of the best music festivals of the 5th edition in Paris!

Last weekend, Paris hosted the Lollapalooza festival for the 5th time, seeing several concerts over 3 days.

The Hippodrome de Longchamp welcomed more than 170,000 festival-goers this weekend. Opportunity for him to attend a lot of music festivals. MCE was able to see many of the artists perform on different stages of Lollapalooza Paris.

Incredible line-up for the 5th edition of Lollapalooza

No need for Lollapalooza presents anymore? Although! A little booster shot won’t hurt! What we nicknamed the French Coachella has struck again.

Actually, this festival has existed in France since 2017 but this event is Born in 1997 and then relaunched in Chicago in 2003, So from 2005, because in 2004, Lollapalooza was canceled due to a major technical problem, the festival started its stride.

So this festival is present not only in Chicago, but also in Berlin, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Stockholm And finally Paris. just that !

after solid days, Hippodrome de Longchamp hosts new edition of Lollapalooza Paris, It was therefore an opportunity for fans of the festival to celebrate music with new artists.

Thus, this year, in addition to the headliners that brought together Stray Kids, Lil Nas X, Kendrick Lamar, Rosalia, Lollapalooza was able to count on other equally successful performers. like a violinist Lindsay Sterling, OneRepublic, Central C, Kygo Or even Niall Horan.

In short, there was something for everyone this year. Between Hip Hop Stage with Bianca Costa, SDM, James BKS, Alternative Stage with Maisie Peters, Tokisha, Perry’s Stage Mosiman, Main West with DJ Diesel, Caleo, Zoe Weiss, Ava Max, then Main East with Niska, CK. But what were the best shows from this 5th edition of Lollapalooza in Paris? MCE tells you more!

5 concerts you shouldn’t miss


The Belgian rapper took to the stage dressed in pink. 100% barbie look To chain all his hits.

Whether from his latest album QALF or from his many adventures. as it happened to aya nakamura quick Draw, mwaka moon with vase or encounter with disease. For an hour, Damso chained together a good portion of his discography.

He also took the time to share a few moments of complicity with his fans. teaser opportunity possible new album First day of Lollapalooza 2023.

Rosalia at Lollapalooza

Just like Lil Nas X, Rosalia delivered The last concert of their tour at Lollapalooza, It is not devoid of emotion that the Spanish artist has let a few tears flow on several occasions.

Yes, she was on tour for a year. the singer had Tied to the festive season before ending in Paris This Saturday, July 22nd. after singing bizcochito, malamante Or versace jumpsuit, Rosalia did not hesitate to express her feelings by issuing a “I’ll miss it”,

Also the singer has surprised everyone with his acceptance speech in FrenchS. An emotional Rosalia thanks Frances for leaving “a place in his heart for his music”, Let’s pause for a good moment before resuming our show!

Indeed, this dose of vitamins provided by the scene would be absent for the Spaniard. But who knows? Perhaps she’ll attend The Weeknd’s concerts in Paris on July 29 and 30? Case to follow!


To end the second day of the festivities on a grand note, the DJs are back in full force. On the schedule of his set: All his hits Remind me not to forget, Firestone, looking at the stars, it’s not me, Had Selena Gomez not traveled, three artists would have joined the musician on stage. To know Zoe Weiss, Justin Jesso, Conrad Sewell and Jack Abel,

they had a concert concludes with an amazing fireworks display, Like an impression of July 14th. Enough to light up the entire Longchamp Racecourse!

OneRepublic at Lollapalooza

counting stars, i don’t care, good life Or apologize, There’s no doubt about it, OneRepublic set the show on fire to rock the Lollapalooza festival goers!

But not only from his songs, group took the opportunity to cover some Together halo by beyoncé, bleeding Love by Leona Lewis or even that’s what I want by Lil Nas X who performed on the same stage as him the day before.

Kendrick Lamar

for 1h30, Kendrick Lamar Rocks Lollapalooza’s Main Stage West , To set the tone, he sang N95 and there no one, no two, everyone got into the mood without asking any questions. Many fans remembered the lyrics of his voice by heart, while others were horrified.

In short, a good atmosphere was generated by the concert of Kendrick Lamar. Except when some celebrants decide to make an unexpected pogo out in public. The rapper takes all his best titles, Bitch don’t kill my vivacity, loyalty, submissive. dna Or money treesViral on Tiktok.

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