Lombard Health, Mammì (M5S): “Has the League forgotten to govern for twenty years?”

(red.) “The deputies and senators of the League obviously do not know that the League has governed in Lombardy for over twenty years”, thus the pentastellated councilor Gregorio Mammì comments on the mobilization of parliamentarians, MEPs and Northern League regional councilors who will collect signatures to present a petition to Minister Speranza on health problems in Lombardy. “It would be useful to let them know that, again in Lombardy, the Lega, with the support of the entire center-right, approved in December 2021 a reform of the regional health system, which has not addressed the problem related to the shortage of primary care doctors in the least. . Not only that, the vice president and councilor for welfare, as well as candidate in pectore for 2023 Letizia Moratti, issued statements that suggested that the responsibilities for the shortcomings of the service were attributable to the doctors themselves “.

“As a Five Star Movement”, Mammì continues, “we have presented various proposals ranging from de-bureaucratization of the work of general practitioners, to digitization, up to the employment of trainees. All rejected by the majority. Just two weeks ago a motion of mine was rejected asking the Regional Council to commit the council to accept some simple technical-operational requests, received from the doctors themselves and aimed at simplifying their work. The majority did not want to know. If the deputies and senators of the League really want to improve the service offered by general practitioners, instead of organizing shows aimed at covering up the fool that Salvini makes around Europe, they should talk to their party colleagues in the Regional Council. Problems are solved by working, not by propaganda ”.

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