Lombardia weather, hours counted for the heat. The first thunderstorms tonight. Here’s where

Milan, 5 August 2022 – Hours counted for the African heat which has been hanging over a large part of Lombardy for days. In fact, thunderstorms are coming over the weekend. According to the Regional Agency for the Protection of the Environment (ARPA) Lombardia, the conditions of stability of the last period have recorded maximum temperatures well above the norm, particularly in the Plains, with peaks of 36 – 38 degrees. But already from the evening, thanks to the effect of the passage of an extensive perturbation on Central and Northern Europe, the meteorological situation will tend to change, in particular on the Alps and Prealps, where scattered thunderstorms and probable heavy rains and hail are expected.

According to the forecasts of the Arpa Lombardia Hydrometeorological Service, over the weekend there will be an increase in instability, with backhand or thunderstorm rainfall likely to extend to the lowland areas, and a moderate or strong thermal drop in all areas. quotas. In addition to the expected rainfall, it will be the moderate or locally strong ventilation also on the Plain to determine, The temperatures will return in line with the month of August, with maximum values ​​in the Plain around 30 ° C.

in particular from Sunday, atmospheric conditions favorable to the dispersion of pollutants, reversing the tendency towards the accumulation of ozone concentrations, due to the strong solar radiation in recent days. The threshold of 180 µg / m3 was exceeded for two consecutive days in the provinces of Monza and Brianza (224 µg / m3), Como (208 µg / m3), Varese (188 µg / m3), Bergamo (210 µg / m3) and Lecco (219 µg / m3). In the provinces of Brescia (201 µg / m3), Mantua (188 µg / m3) and Pavia (190 µg / m3) the threshold is on the first day of exceeding. From Monday morning, gradual return to more stable conditions, although isolated showers or thunderstorms remain in the Alps in the afternoon / evening.

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