Lombardy, the president of the Antimafia (elected with the M5s): “I support Meloni”. And the members of the Democratic Party and the Movement resign from the commission

If the Roman salute did not cost a Romano La Russa the post of councilor of the Lombard junta, the vote that saved him bears its first effects. At the Pirellone the abstention of the president of the special anti-mafia commission did not go unnoticed Monica Forte, elected with the M5s, from which she left a year ago to join the mixed group. A justified abstention, among other things, with a credit opening a Giorgia Meloni resulted indigestible to the regional councilors of her former party and of the Democratic Party, who have decided to abandon the work of the commission until she will preside over it: “Leave the chairTheir request. In the courtroom, in fact, Forte had defined La Russa’s gesture “certainly inappropriate”, but he had said not to share “this continuous raising the level of the fight started during the electoral campaign for the political elections, as we find ourselves in the absence of a concrete danger of the return of fascism ”. After that, she launched into what seemed to minorities something very close to an endorsement in favor of the leader of the Brothers of Italy: “I am convinced that people need to be measured and evaluate their workand I refer to Giorgia Meloni, who, as a woman, I can only support. If she is wrong as the next prime minister, the next time we see a woman fill that role it will be in two hundred years, so I can’t help but wish me wellnot only as a woman, but in the interest of the country “.

Words like drops they made to overflow a camel’s back that had been bubbling for a while. This can be understood from the note with which the M5s announced the withdrawal from the Anti-Mafia commission of its adviser Ferdinando Alberti: it refers to those who have “used our values ​​and our ideas as a Taxi to enter institutions, only to then behave in the opposite way “and”multiple skids of councilor Forte “, who is now being asked to leave the presidency of the commission” in consideration of his new political location“. A clear reference to the rumors that have been circulating for weeks and give Forte about to join the ranks of one civic list which the regional vice president would be working on Letizia Moratti. “We cannot remain indifferent in the face of the institutional laceration that took place yesterday with the vote of abstention”, continues the statement. “Councilor Forte is obviously free to put her professionalism at the service of the center-right coalition that now governs the country, but she has the courage to communicate it formally. Otherwise, it would be logical to think that the only reason to hold her back is the need not to leave the chair of the Anti-Mafia commission. Presidency, it should be remembered, achieved thanks to the votes of the minority and thanks to vote of the voters of the M5s“. The two members of the Democratic Party also resigned from the commission, Gian Antonio Girelli And Angelo Orsenigowho denounce “the inconvenience towards the personal management of the commission by its president, an expression of the minorities with which it has long since cut ties, until the blatant distancing, yesterday in the council, on the motion of censure to the councilor La Russa ”.

Prepared councilor, Monica Forte had made her bones in the staff of the former councilor of the M5s Silvana Carcano, before being elected herself in 2018. A year ago, in the aftermath of the 5-star flop at the Milan municipal councils, she left the Movement announcing it with a post on Facebook in which he criticized the line dictated by Giuseppe Conte: “This is not the evolution of the 5-star Movement, this is Conte’s new party which, starting with the Statute and continuing with communication and administrative management, has nothing to do with it with the Movement “. From her, so far, no comment neither on the resignation from the commission of the directors of M5Sse Pd, nor on the rumors that are now very close to the center-right and to Moratti. From her staff they merely say that “in recent months she has not dealt with her next political placement. You are focused on the work of the Anti-Mafia commission ”. But it is no coincidence that the exponents of all the center-right parties stand up to her defense, with the Forza Italia group leader Gianluca Comazzi which defines the resignation as “a retaliation against Forte, guilty of reasoning with his own head without subjecting to the diktats of a party, to which moreover he does not belong”. Franco Lucente of Fdi speaks of “bullying and arrogance” of M5S and Pd, while the Northern League Roberto Anelli he accuses the resigning of “intolerance” and of being “the real fascists”.


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