Long bob, 5 reasons why it is the cut of the summer

Long bob, the anti-heat cut for a star

It may have taken this scorching heat to convince the veterans of XXL lengths to give their hair a cut to embrace a new style. With temperatures always rising, it is likely that many are looking for ideas to experiment with different haircuts from the usual, anti-heat that however do not completely change the look. The long bobwhich falls between the chin and the collarbone so to speak, is the right choice for those who are not yet ready to dare with the pixie or the bixie but are tired, at the same time, of a flowing hair that maybe goes far beyond your back. Wearing medium haircuts, which reach the shoulders, is therefore the perfect compromise for those who want to shorten, but without exaggerating: because it is the ideal way to give lightness and freshness to the face without precluding the possibility of styling and collecting the hair at will. Between short haircuts, the classic bob, reaching the chin, allows great styling possibilities. The reasons why the long bob it is the perfect cut in view of the summer, however, do not stop there.

1 – It is rejuvenating

It took Matilde Gioli on Instagram (or maybe a few weeks before her Maya Hawke from the tv series Stranger Things) to convince women that a wavy lob – called wob – is the perfect idea for the summer and that, in addition to providing an anti-heat relief, it also takes a few years off the face? The cut of the Italian actress is among the trendiest and most rejuvenating that you can in fact experience now. She chose it even, with slightly tapered toes, and worn with the side line, in style Baby boomers. In addition, styled in this way, with the waves going from the inside out, this hair cut has the power to soften even the facial features.

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2 – It is a passe-partout cut

Having fine, wavy, thick or straight hair is not important. Because the lob is a haircut from the medium length that really looks good on everyone and that easily adapts to any type of hair. If volume is your concern, for example, you just need to use loose strands to add movement. Even those with curly hair will find the ideal cut in the lob, as long as you take care of it with anti-frizz products, able to ensure a healthy and soft appearance to the waves.

3 – Allows you to experiment with styling

Short, but not too short. Just enough to give the face a fresh look, styling the hair according to the inspiration of the moment. No sacrifices in terms of style, therefore. Because the long bob allows, for example, to be gathered in a comfortable ponytail when the heat gets intense and you just want to uncover the neck and nape. Or even show off the braids that frame the face, like the ones brought to the fore by Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin at Coachella.

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