Long divorces of stars. Katarzyna Figura has been divorcing for 8 years

Celebrity divorces evoke as much emotion as celebrity weddings, funerals of famous and loved ones, and the birth of children of public figures. Portals about show business or colorful magazines are often interested in the relationships of stars who previously publicly confessed their love for the funeral.

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Both in the Polish and foreign entertainment industry there are couples who can divorce themselves in style. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are also stars who have been trying to divorce each other for years. One of such people is, among others Katarzyna Figura. The actress first filed for divorce more than eight years ago. The star spoke loudly about the fact that she was with the children victims of domestic violence. The woman spoke of numerous humiliations and beatings. Despite the plunging testimony, the couple did not get a divorce.

Which famous couples have fought a difficult battle in court? Who can not get divorced to this day? For whom was the divorce the greatest economic failure and failure?

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