long live women who are not afraid of age

Fashion no longer follows the diktats of age: actress Halle Berry is more beautiful than ever and enjoys experimenting with the purple dye on her hair.

Once upon a time there were in their fifties, with the perm always in order, the hair preferably short and the dye retouched punctually to cover – God forbid – the white hair. The fifties are still there, but everything else has changed: fashion is no longer tied to age and every woman is free to dress, make up and comb her hair as it makes her feel better. Long-haired Demi Moore to the rematch of gray without retouching, proudly displayed rather than hidden. And why not purple? The actress Halle Berry56, has decided to indulge herself with an amethyst color, showing herself smiling and proud on social media.

Halle Berry with purple hair

For some seasons now we have been witnessing a rainbow of shades among the trendy colors for hair: from blue to pink, which has conquered in a short time Jennifer Lopez (in pink lady version) Arisa And Elettra Lamborghini. A few weeks ago the singer performed with a total pink look like a real Winx and even before that she had even tried (pretend) the lilac locks! But who said that these unusual shades can only be worn by young girls? Halle Berry she breaks the taboo and proves the opposite, showing herself on social media with an unprecedented lilac hair. No filters or wigs: the actress of Catwoman she also appeared in amethyst purple in other photos, perhaps for script needs or for a shooting. One thing is certain: she seems really satisfied!

Halle Berry with purple hair

Halle Berry with purple hair

White, pink or purple – hair has no age

For Halle Berry, time seems to have stopped: the actress is now 56 years old and more beautiful and radiant than ever. In the world of fashion and entertainment, advancing age seems to be a condemnation to be avoided at all costs and to be hidden for as long as possible, even on the hair. Fortunately, however, things have changed in recent years: more and more women have given up on the slavery of dye by proudly displaying their gray and white hair (remember the beauty of Helen Mirren and Andie MacDowell in Cannes?). One thing is certain: fashion is progressively moving away from the diktat of age. If it is true that every phase of life leads women to evolve in style, it is also true that these are not rigid and immutable rules: each individual is free to find what she does for him. Whether it’s white hair or purple curls.

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