“Look at me, honorable …”. And Meloni thus silences Serracchiani in the courtroom

At the umpteenth insinuation on his way of understanding the female role, Giorgia Meloni he answered with lapidary firmness. This time, however, she did not do it with a tweet or a statement released on TV, but directly from her seat as prime minister. In her reply to the Chamber, following the programmatic intervention this morning, the premier replied in particular to the words of the deputy dem Debora Serracchianiwho in his speech had accused her of proposing a model of woman subordinate to the male gener.

The attack of the Serracchiani

A woman president of the Council is a historical fact for Italy, we are happy about it, but I cultivate the hope, that once thanks to her determination, the idea that this glass roof that has broken does not close with a policy, that we seem to see, women want a step back to men and dedicated only to family and to the children“, had specifically stated the leader of the Democratic Party in the Chamber, speaking in the general discussion on the programmatic statements of the premier. Then, he had added:”If these fears were to be confirmed, you should know that you will find in these banks and certainly in the majority of the country, avery firm opposition“.

The replica of the Meloni

Too bad that, in her speech to Parliament, the head of government had expressed herself in the diametrically opposite sense, also citing some female figures considered exemplary precisely because they had “dared“, paving the way for aemancipation made up of courage and merit. So, from his seat, Meloni replied on the subject calling into question the parent company dem. “I have heard that I would like women one step behind men … Look at me, Mr Serracchiani, do you think I am one step behind men? “. he has declared.

And again, referring directly to his keynote speech, he added: “I do not know what you have derived this reading from, I must tell you that I do not agree with it. This morning I talked about work, welfare, a society that does not force you to choose between work and motherhood. Of course I also talked about the birth rate and the family (….) When it is said to help the family and the birth rate, it is done to guarantee full freedom!“. A scolded that from the opposition benches was greeted with some buzz of protest and a long applause from the center.

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