look at the championship and the return of Osimhen

Not even the time to enjoy the 1-6 inflicted on Ajax that a Naples there are those who already look to championship and to the away match of Cremona: it’s about Victor Osimhennumber 9 blue, out for injury from the match against Liverpool on 7 September last. As told in today’s edition of Corriere dello Sportthe Nigerian in fact runs towards the return with more hunger And wants before. And she runs chasing a goals which has been missing since 21 August, when he scored the goal of the momentary 2-0 against Monza at Maradona.

He had left the scene like that Victorwith a grimace and a gesture of annoyance in front of a euphoric audience, perhaps careless of his condition due to the score he was gaining against the Reds by Klopp. TO Naples is paradisein the head of Osimhen is hell, even in the light of the wrong penalty just before. The exams will tell then wound from according to degree to the biceps of the right thigh and stop at least 4 weeksfor a Nigerian struggling with yet another pit stop.

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This time, however, there is a strange taste in the air, different from the other times, almost surreal. With your head down, Victor began recovery in the gym, returning to train on field just the day his teammates annihilated Ajax in Amsterdam. And he will also today, while the team rests. He will do it again and again, until he returns to the squad list and does what he does best: play And Mark.

From one European night to the next, from the injury to the sprint for the return leg. He also announced it Spalletti to the microphones of Skydespite the 3 overall goals of the axis RaspadoriSimeone: “Osimhen is returning“. And he will do it with only Cremona in mind and the desire to return to hear the fans scream at his goal.

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