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In Italy there was only talk of José Mourinho’s statements at the end of the Rome-Naples, but abroad it is his behavior that makes the news: “But why did he do it?”.

The match on Sunday evening at the Olimpico between Rome And Naples, which ended with a 1-0 success for the Azzurri thanks to the goal scored by Osimhen in the second half, could have a disciplinary tail both as regards what happened on the pitch and for the behavior of the fans in the stands. Regarding the latter aspect, the four federal inspectors present at the Olimpico have compiled a detailed report that will be the basis of the decisions that will be communicated tomorrow by the Sports Judge.

The Napoli players at the end of the match won against Roma celebrate under the sector of their fans

The Napoli players at the end of the match won against Roma celebrate under the sector of their fans

The material collected refers to what happened while the giant screens of the stadium projected the image of Francesco Valdiserri, the young man who died last Wednesday after being hit by a car. On the one hand the whistles of the Napoli fans – clearly perceived by the guest sector – to try to soil the moment of emotion marked by the applause of the Olimpico, on the other in response the choir of the yellow and red Curva Sud ‘Vesuvio wash them with fire’, also repeated at the end of the first half and always by the same sector. All over in the inspectors’ report.

And since a warning hangs on the Curva Sud for the racist choirs that last year were heard at the Olimpico during Roma-Milan, in the Giallorossi home there is a bit of fear that the beating heart of Roma supporters may be closed for the next home match, or the derby with Lazio scheduled for November 6, even if “denigration and territorial insult”, or the case of the choirs against Napoli, is different and considered less serious than “racial discrimination”. The most probable hypothesis is therefore that of a fine.

The memory of Francesco Valdiserri ruined by the ignoble choruses of the fans of Rome and Naples

Roma fans during the match against Napoli at the Olimpico

Roma fans during the match against Napoli at the Olimpico

The Sports Judge Gerardo Mastrandrea will also have on the table the report of the referee Irrati, referring to what happened on the pitch during the match but especially after, or the face to face between the referee and the Giallorossi Karsdorp, who he shoved the Tuscan whistle away. At that juncture it seemed that the Dutch winger had been sent off, but the Roma athletic trainer Stefano Rapetti received the red card. Apparently – reveals Sport Mediaset – Irrati would not have put in his report even a word about Karsdorp’s behavior, which therefore should not incur disqualification and be regularly on the pitch against Verona and Lazio, the next two matches that await the team of José Mourinho.

Yeah, Mourinho. After the game, the Portuguese did not recognize Napoli’s merits for the victory, explaining that even his Roma could have won in exactly the same way in light of the development of the match: that is, with the decisive play of a single. Abroad, however, the Special One ended up in the crosshairs not for his statements, but for his strange behavior on the occasion of Kardsorp’s displaced reaction with Irrati: in the video in question he can be seen walking towards the heated confrontation between the two, but then – as soon as he sees what is happening – immediately turn to the other side and take another direction, without in the least caring what his player is doing (and risks), as if the story did not concern him in the least.

But why did he do it?“, is the recurring question. Most likely Mourinho worked it all out in a nanosecond and thought that, having already been booked during the match (like Spalletti), he had everything to lose in getting involved in the feud. Knowing himself well, he thought it best to move away from the epicenter of chaos in order not to get a red that could possibly endanger – in the event of a disqualification for a couple of days – his presence on the bench in the derby. The story, however, has become viral across the Channel, with numerous amused comments that regret the presence of the Portuguese showman in the Premier League.

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