Lopez and Affleck together in Venice. What did they look like on the red carpet?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back together on the red carpet at the Venice International Film Festival many years later. How did they present themselves?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck they are now in everyone’s language, and their appearance in public places causes great emotions. The star-studded couple first bonded in 2002, even receiving a pseudonym Bennifer. The popular actor proposed to the singer after a year of acquaintance, and on September 12, 2003, a grand wedding was to take place. Unfortunately, the wedding ceremony was canceled just a few hours before it began. The lovers broke up to find each other years later.

In mid-2021, the media received information that former partners were caught walking together. It was quickly guessed that the celebrity couple had reunited. To the delight of fans, Jennifer Lopez quickly confirmed these reports. They’re inseparable now, so it’s no wonder J. Lo flew to Venice with Ben for a film festival. There, for the first time in years, they appeared together on the red carpet.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck together in Venice. What did they look like on the red carpet?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck flew to Venice for the premiere of Ridley Scott’s The Last Match, in which the actor plays one of the roles. This is a historical drama based on the book by Eric Jager. The plot focuses on a dispute between Prince Jean de Carrouges – Matt Damon and squire Jake Le Gris – Adam Driver. 14th-century France is the background. The prince accuses the squire of raping his wife, Margerite de Carrouges. The knight asks the king for permission to a court duel to prove his rival’s guilt and clear his beloved of suspicions of perjury. This romantic story is promoted by J. Lo and Ben – themselves under fire from photojournalists, because the festival is their first official exit together after the union’s reactivation.

The media circulated photos of a couple in love from the red carpet. The singer highlighted her amazing figure with a white tight dress with a deep neckline, which she chose silver high-heeled sandals and a small handbag. Affleck chose an elegant suit. They looked like a million dollars. If anyone had doubts that they should try again and give love a chance, all they had to do was look at their pictures and they would be gone.

The couple’s fans are thrilled and Ben and Jennifer look very happy.

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