Lose weight by walking, how many km to do a day to lose weight quickly

Walking is a very underrated activity: to lose weight, it is good to establish a table and know perfectly how many km to do per day.

Lose weight by walking as many miles per day
Training in the park (Photo from Pexels)

Leading a sedentary life is never a great thing: to speed up the metabolism, get back in shape and lose weight, it is necessary to combine a healthy diet with a healthy diet.physical exercise. Aside from gym memberships or super complex exercises, you can actually lose weight while walking.

Walking is an activity that is sometimes snubbed: in reality, it would bring great benefits to the body. Let’s see together how many km to do per day to admire exceptional and impressive results.


Lose weight while walking: how many km to do a day to lose weight quickly

Lose weight by walking as many miles per day
Shoes for walking (Photo from Pexels)

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According to some interesting studies, walking is extremely important since it helps reduce blood cholesterol levels, prevent type 2 diabetes and, above all, help lose weight. According to a report by the Umberto Veronesi Foundation, 10,000 steps a day (correspond to a good 7 km) are perfect for keeping fit.

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According to the Ministry of Health, in order to lose weight by walking one should dedicate about thirty minutes a day to walking. According to National Steps Report of the National Institute of Health, the ideal time to devote to walking (to lose weight) is estimated at one hour per day. In the span of 60 minutes, a person should travel well 4 km. There are no precise rules for everyone, since a number of factors should be considered including genetics and metabolism. Generally, it is possible to lose 1 kg in a week if you walk 4 km per day.

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