Lost hiker on the Lagorai, an appeal and his photo spread

The search for the 26-year-old hiker from Scorzè lost on the Lagorai, in Trentino, on the night between Saturday and Sunday, resumed Monday at dawn with the molecular dogs and the Alpine rescue teams of the Trentino provincial service. Nicola Spanish is 1.74 meters tall and weighs 70 kilos. He is recognizable as he has a long beard and hair. An appeal was launched: those who were in any way in possession of information about the young man and his disappearance, are invited to contact the company of the Cavalese carabinieri. The news on TrentoToday

Meanwhile, another day, the second, ended without news of the young Veenziano who disappeared. The rescue teams had gone up at the first light of the morning, both from the Val di Fiemme side and from that of Caoria, partly on foot and partly by helicopter, towards the Paolo and Nicola bivouac and the Cece peak, an area considered still a priority for research. The fog and wind present at high altitudes inhibited the massive use of the helicopter of Trentino Emergenza and the Guardia di Finanza to transport rescuers to altitude and to fly from above, and complicated the work of the teams on the ground and the dog. molecular of the Provincial School for research dogs and catastrophe, work continued throughout the day along the paths and slopes of Cece peak. In addition to the Alpine Rescue – with the stations of Moena, Caoria, Primiero, Val di Fiemme and San Martino di Castrozza – the financial police, firefighters and carabinieri intervened.

The young man, according to the note he had left on top of his backpack, found by some hikers at the bivouac, before setting out on Saturday, wanted to climb Cece alone, but on Sunday no one heard from him. The father and mother are now in Caoria (Trento), and are following the research waiting for news. These are difficult moments for the family, which is also in contact with the mayor of Scorzé, Nais Marcon. The search operations already on Sunday were concentrated near the bivouac, at an altitude of about 2,100 meters, between the Val di Fiemme and the Valle del Vanoi, along the path that leads from there to the top of Cece, at 2,754 meters. Alongside the relatives there are also Psychologists for Peoples, activated to give support to the parents of the deceased.

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