Lost property in the car, from today it will not happen again: with this object you solve the problem

Having a particular item in your car could prove decisive in many situations, as you never thought before. Let’s find out what it is and how much this material can save you on multiple occasions.

During a trip there are so many aspects to take into consideration, both in terms of safety and in terms of performances of your car. A careful look should be dedicated, in this sense, to some materials which could prove to be really very precious: among them there is the foam.

Foam in the car – Giornalemotori.it

Know all benefits from having a foam stick with you is certainly important, because it will allow us to count on a very precious and unexpected ally. First of all, we must always keep in mind that journeys are not all the same, nor are cars and their interiors.

There foam in this sense it could really prove decisive, covering the surfaces deteriorated or uncomfortable and thus allowing us a peaceful and relaxing journey, as well as more safe. A comfortable and functional guide is also and above all a guarantee of safety ours and of the people who travel with us.

Imagine having to cross half of Italy or simply go to work with a hard wheel: an impossible mission. Say enough also to crumpled and deformed seats as well as to armrests and worn interiors. Having a rubber hose feather is essential, especially if inserted in a particular place inside the vehicle.

Foam: here’s where to put it

Time and the rush they are the number one enemies of every motorist, often proving to be the main causes of errors that could have a negative impact on the journey itself. If the doomthe risk of running into delays and inconveniences is insured.

For those who have never lost personal items in their car, raise your hand: house keys, health cards and credit cards, to name but a few, which often end up in a specific place where it is then impossible to get your hands out. A nightmarealso because the time we have then available is not so much.

foam tube in car spaces – Giornalemotori.it

But thanks to a foam stick inserted between the seat and the handbrake we will avoid losing your mobile phone or office keys slip out of our pockets while driving. A very useful DIY solution that could really save us time and effort!

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