Lotos stations will disappear from the Polish market? Obajtek replies

– This is the issue of June, the turn of June and July – Daniel Obajtek replied when asked when Orlen will take over Lotos and when MOL will enter the Polish market.

Daniel Obajtek asked in RMF FM, will Lotos disappear from the Polish market after the merger with Orlenand the Lotus stations will go down in history, he denied. – Some of the stations will be there rebranded as Orlen stations. This is approx. 120 stations. And what it will have MOL will initially be under the Lotos brand Obajtek said.

As he explained, for five years the Lotos stations taken over by MOL will remain under the Lotos brand. – And then we will decide – because we have the rights to this brand – whether we will allow this brand to continue functioning, or whether we will sell the brand itself, added the President of Orlen.

Orlen announced on Wednesday that the Hungarian MOL will buy part of the Lotos stations from Orlen after the merger of both companies, and the oil giant Saudi Aramco from Saudi Arabia will take over 30 percent. shares in the Lotos refinery. The transactions were a condition for the consent of the European Commission to the merger of Polish brands.

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