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• The documentary Britney: Life Under Supervision shows how paternal tutelage turned into a toxic and complete domination over the life of the Princess of Pop.
• The world-famous production by journalists “The New York Times” debuted on Player

Britney: Life Under Control is a shocking tale of how Princess Pop became hostage to her father. The film includes interviews with people from the Spears family environment, thanks to which it comes to light what laws were really governed by the guardianship set by the court. It is a picture of the incredible surveillance camera and the tirades of the star’s father, who monitored her every move, stuffed her with drugs, forced her to work, and secretly recorded audio recordings from her bedroom … Britney Spears had been under her father’s care for 13 years. As a result of a nervous breakdown, a US court ruled that she was unable to decide about her life on her own and placed her in the guardianship of her parent. This decision caused a lot of controversy over the years, especially from fans of the singer who argued that James Spears was not acting in good faith, deprived Britney of her freedom and preying on her fame and money.

This summer, Britney expressed her strong opposition to court-sanctioned custody in a Los Angeles court. After this shocking speech, for the first time, people close to the family dared to speak out in public and talk about what life was like in the Spears’ house. This detailed account reveals the shocking truth about the paternal guardianship, which in the last 13 years of the singer’s life deprived her of many rights and freedoms.

The documentary “Britney: Life Under Supervision” is now available in Player.

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