Love and Thunder, Natalie Portman on Taika Waititi’s working method

Used to preparing a lot for a role, Natalie Portman was blown away by the working method of director and actor Taika Waititi on Thor: Love and Thunder: the thrill of improvisation!

On July 6 it will be at the cinema Thor: Love and Thunderwhere is it Chris Hemsworth find his Jane again this time in version Mighty Thoragain played by Natalie Portman. Convinced by the director (and actor) Taika Waititi returning in a reinterpretation of her character, in a more light-hearted and exaggerated way, Natalie soon understood what it meant to work with Waititi. She told Variety about it.
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Thor: Love and Thunder, as Natalie Portman was convinced by Taika Waititi

Natalie Portman and improvisation in Thor: Love and Thunder

Natalie Portman had interpreted Jane Foster in Thor And Thor: The Dark Worldbut had not appeared in Thor: Ragnarokso he had never worked with the Oscar-winning director and actor before Taika Waititi, a character quite outside the box. Returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a Jane Foster more superhero in her guise Mighty Thorin Thor: Love and Thunder, Natalie soon realized that Waititi’s style required a challenge that went beyond physical training. A challenge in the name of self-irony and the desire to have fun, as she explained to Variety:

There is a script, but most days he prefers to throw it away altogether and come up with ideas in the moment. It’s a really cool way to work on a film like this. At first it was a bit scary, because I said to myself: I’ll never get ready! I will not be able to do a decent job! Then I learned to enjoy it.

Natalie also added how odd it sounded to her at first become more imposing: “For Black Swan they asked me to become as small as possible, here I was asked to become as big as possible. It’s an amazing challenge, a fantastic state of mind for a woman. “

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