Love, Death and Robots, the third season trailer is a dystopian delusion

One of the most popular animated series produced by Netflix will return from mid-May. We are talking about Love, Death and Robots which has reached its third season. From this month, therefore, we will be able to delve into new stories with horror and splatter colors that will put our protagonists to the test.

Behind this new season, as always, there will be Tim Miller And David Fincher which together with a mix of animation styles, will surely make this new season of the show unforgettable. In addition to limiting himself to production as has been done so far, Fincher will also work as a director for a single episode.

In mid-May, the award-winning Netflix series Love, Death and Robots will return with a new season

Love, Death and Robots-

From the new trailer released by Netflix in these days, therefore, we have been able to guess what some of the stories we will see in this season will be. Clues to this effect also come to us from the synopsis which in addition to revealing how many episodes this third series will last, also puts us in front of some of the situations that the characters will have to face.

In the course of these nine new episodes, in fact, we will have the awakening of an ancient dark force, a galactic apocalypse and much more. As with every other episode seen in Love, Death and Robots, therefore, we will vary from the most classic horror, to sci-fi, even passing through fantasy.

Despite the strong horror component there will be a good dose of humor

Love Death and Robots
Love, Death and Robots volume 3 –

Obviously there will be a good dose of humor given that as we know Tim Miller has always made it an integral part of his works just think of Deadpool or alternatively to Mind Hunter. In the trailer we will find other small advances such as rats armed with rifles and tanks or a sailing ship lost in the middle of the sea struggling with terrible monsters.

Let’s also take a look at the cast who will direct these nine episodes of the third season. Among the names that stand out most are certainly those of Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Gary Cole, Chris Parnell And Nolan North. Finally, let’s review the history of the series that debuted on Netflix in 2019 and then take a two-year break and return in style.

In 2021, in fact, Love, Death and Robots managed to take home two of them Emmy dedicated to animation. In short, we will see if in this return of the series, which will anticipate that of a few weeks Stranger ThingsLove, Death and Robots will manage to maintain a good quality level.

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