Love & Thunder a Top Gun, the best Blu-rays and DVDs of October 2022

Arrivals of weight for those who like to collect the most loved films seen at the cinema on physical media. In fact, in October they come out on DVD and Blu-Ray two of the most discussed titles in recent times, not only for good but also for bad. In fact, let’s talk about the controversial Thor: Love and Thundera new big-screen adventure of the god of thunder greeted with skepticism by fans of Marvel comics, and the spectacular Top Gun: Maverick, sequel to the classic Eighties that sees Tom Cruise again struggling with spectacular aerial evolutions. In our selection we have chosen other less bombastic films, ranging between various genres – from dystopian to romantic, from Korean action to committed animation – in the name of a variety for all palates.

Gold (October 4)

In the near future, climate change has led the world in almost unlivable conditions. Virgil, a lone traveler, hires driver Keith to be taken to an area where his skills may be needed. During the journey aboard a battered pick-up due to a breakdown they are forced to stop in the middle of the desert, where they accidentally come across a giant boulder full of gold. The problem is that with bare hands it is impossible to take it away and only a digger can extract it from the dry ground.

Keith thus decides to return to base camp to obtain the necessary means, and leaves Virgil there as the guardian of that unexpected fortune. But the hours pass quickly one after the other and the boy finds himself fighting against extreme climatic conditions waiting for the companion to return. Survival movie where a convincing Zac Efron finds himself struggling in complete solitude for much of the film, set in the bleak Australian outback.

Flee (October 4)

Amin is 36 years old, lives in Denmark, is an accomplished university professor and is about to get married with his partner. But just before the wedding, the past comes back to visit himmaking him retrace the years of his youth, when from Afghanistan he arrived in northern Europe after a long journey, with the hope of seeking asylum.

Flee is the story of an escape that turns into a hymn to life and freedom, a human journey interwoven with challenges and contagious joy, a truthful and poetic chronicle of the pursuit of happiness, which we learn from the protagonist’s voice. An extraordinary film that is already in the history of cinema, the first to be nominated for an Oscar as best international film and at the same time as best documentary and best animated feature film.

Summer days (October 5th)

Days of Summer tells the story of Alice (Gemma Arterton), a proud and independent folklore scholar, who retires to his study on top of the cliffs to carry out his research: he wants to dispel some myths by using science to refute the existence of magic. Alice is fully absorbed in her work, but she is also deeply lonely and haunted by a love story from the past. When young and lively Frank (Lucas Bond), a displaced person from the London bombings, is placed in his careher innocence and curiosity awaken in Alice emotions buried deep inside.

By courageously embracing the miraculous unpredictability of life, Alice learns that wounds can be healed, that second chances exist, and that perhaps magic does indeed exist. Our Summer Days review is just a click away.

Thor: Love and Thunder (October 11)

Thor: Love and Thunder follows Thor on a journey unlike anything he has gone through before: the search for inner peace. But the withdrawal of him is interrupted by a galactic killer known as Gorr the Slaughterer of Gods, who longs for the extinction of the Gods. To combat this new threat, Thor enlists the help of King Valkyrie, Korg and his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster who, to Thor’s surprise, is inexplicably able to raise the mighty Mjolnir and has taken on the name of Mighty Thor. Together, the group will embark on a cosmic adventure to discover the reason for Gorr’s thirst for revenge and stop him before it’s too late.

He infuriated the character’s purists Taika Waititi’s latest film dedicated to the thunder king of the house of Marvel, due to a hilarious and zany comedy and crazy solutions. But without too many prejudices, the fun is guaranteed as you can read in the review of Thor Love and Thunder.

The Killer (October 22)

A hitman who has decided to retire and enjoy his life, returns to service to keep his promise to his girlfriend: protect a 17-year-old girl with the propensity to get into trouble and make bad choices. When the girl is kidnapped, the man is ready to do anything to bring her home safely to her and begins the hunt for the kidnappers.

He had thrilled the enthusiast audience with his previous one The Swordsman (2020), swashbuckle where an expert warrior, close to blindness, fought to save his daughter in a country shaken by turmoil and intrigue. Now Choi Jae-Hoon goes back behind the camera with a police action that promises emotionsin the full tradition of the genre that has found new life in Korean cinema.

Top Gun: Maverick (October 31)

After the huge success in the cinema, it arrives on home video the long-awaited sequel to the cult film of the 80s in a spectacular 4K UHD + Blu-ray Blu-ray Steelbook edition! After more than thirty years of service, Lieutenant Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell, one of the best aviators in the Navy, is still in the one place he wants to be. Avoid the promotion that would no longer allow him to fly, e it pushes the limits once againbravely testing new aircraft.

Called to train a special team of academy students Top Gun on a secret mission, Maverick will meet Lt. Bradley Bradshaw, nickname ‘Rooster’, son of his old flight mate Nick Bradshaw ‘Goose’. Struggling with an uncertain future and with the ghosts of his past, Maverick will have to face his deepest fears to complete a very difficult mission.

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