Low blood pressure, what to eat to avoid malaise and fainting

What to eat when blood pressure drops and you risk fainting? Some foods come to our aid, we understand what they are and how they affect our health.

Low blood pressure foods to consume
Low blood pressure (Image by Gerald Oswald from Pixabay)

More and more people are suffering from low pressure especially during the summer period caused by excessively hot temperatures and humidity often beyond the limits. But even in winter if you go to very hot places such as doctors’ offices, hospitals or private businesses where the radiators are aimed at high temperatures, the risk is always around the corner.

For low blood pressure, or hypotonsion, it is meant when the blood pressure values ​​are below 90/60 mm Hg. This situation can be due to several causes such as the value of the iron too low or to a period of severe emotional stress.

How can we avoid fainting due to low blood pressure? It is essential to contact your general practitioner first, but also the right diet can make the difference to always keep yourself clear and active.

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The essential foods for those suffering from low blood pressure: let’s be clear

People suffering from this pathology e often disabling physical state, they can help themselves first of all with a balanced diet in order to keep the pressure stable. An essential way to avoid dangerous fainting is the rush to the emergency room.

Low blood pressure foods to consume
Fresh ginger.Image by congerdesign from Pixabay)

Here’s what to eat, also recommended by nutritionists:

  • At least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, sources of water and mineral salts. Also excellent are dried or dried fruit such as walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, apricots, raisins, pine nuts.
  • Saline supplements especially for those who play sports, preferably multivitamins. The magnesium in these cases it helps maintain body fluids in the blood.
  • Waterfallwe recommend a consumption of at least 2 liters per day, to be increased according to the physical effort or the work performed.
  • Carbohydrates and proteins they are to be consumed sparingly, prefer wholemeal products and lean proteins such as chicken, fish and eggs.
  • There licorice it is a real cure-all and acts on blood pressure thanks to a compound called glycyrrhizin of which just half a gram a day is enough to have beneficial effects on the body. Always carrying some licorice sticks to chew or sugar-free candies is essential during the summer.
  • The ginger together with lemon drunk in herbal teas and cold decoctions it helps like licorice to increase blood pressure.
  • Small meals during the day they allow to avoid fluctuations in the glycemic index in the blood and to have a good and constant oxygenation of tissues and cells.

Finally, avoid thealcohol and too hot showers (Hot water such as alcohol act as vasodilators and decrease blood pressure resulting in lowering of blood pressure). Even the salt it should be limited, in fact it exacerbates fatigue and the general sense of swelling.

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Shrimp and seasonal fruit salad recipe Benedetta Rossi
Shrimp and seasonal fruit salad (Photo by kate_smirnova AdobeStock)

For any doubt or perplexity, however, always consult a nutritionist doctor who will be able to give you every indication on the most exhaustive possible way to proceed possible. Obviously all based on specific analyzes of your vital parameters following blood tests, intolerances, etc.

Avoid the DIY diet, especially if you don’t really know the effects that certain foods can have on the body. At risk there is always and only your health, have respect for it, word of mouth and diets in gossip magazines are often bad allies to avoid.

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