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Banja Luka, a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is the most convenient destination by far. The markets preferred by the Lombards in this period (Spain, Southern Italy, Greece, Portugal and Iceland) are the most expensive

For last minute trips, the Milanese (and the Lombards) must look to the East of Europe and stay away from the Mediterranean if they want to spend very little. With Banja Luka, a city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is the most convenient destination by far: it can be reached with 22 euros, round trip, taxes included, extras excluded. Obviously on board a low cost carrier.

On the other hand, the Lombard favorite markets in this period – Spain, Southern Italy, Greece, Portugal and Iceland – are the most expensive. Booking today for holidays in the next few days over there is a drain.

The comparison

This summer is confirmed as more expensive than a year ago for those departing from the airports of Milan Malpensa, Linate and Bergamo-Orio al Serio with European destinations (intercontinental locations are excluded for a better comparison).

But it remains cheaper than in 2019, when prices peaked before plummeting with the arrival of the coronavirus. This is confirmed by the analysis of Courier on the analyzed rates of thousands of routes – from low-cost and traditional carriers – through specialized platforms.

Let’s start with the consolidated numbers. Last July, the average fare charged on flights departing from the three Lombard airports was 77.9 euros, in Economy class, each way and without including the costs of extra services such as hand or hold baggage, priority boarding , the choice of the place and more. In July 2021 the average rate was 60.4 euros, while in July 2019 it was 91.5 euros. Last month, in short, tickets were 15% cheaper than three years ago.

The scenario today

This August, however, taking into consideration all the fares one month before the flight, the average cost is around 101 euros (always on European routes, in Economy, without extra services). A figure that exceeds the 73.7 euros of twelve months ago, but as happened with July still lower than the values ​​of 2019 (119.6 euros).

Seeing the evolution of prices, in short, it is also likely that the last summer is still below the summer averages of three years ago, before Covid.

The routes

But what are the most convenient routes from the three airports in the region? The flight to Banja Luka, as anticipated, the one that costs less, an average of 15.8 euros each way for August with prices photographed a month away to have a statistically significant figure. Followed by Zagreb (17.4 euros), Aarhus, Denmark (19.8 euros), then Vienna (21.3), Naples (22.9), Timisoara, Romania (23.5), Billund, Denmark (24.2 ) and so on.

But if individual locations do not offer a complete panorama, certainly that is provided by the countries. And here comes the convenience of Eastern Europe. The rates for August, in fact, show at the top of the low cost ranking Bosnia and Herzegovina (15.8 euros), Slovakia (29.3 euros), the Czech Republic (40.6), Bulgaria (42.6) and Hungary (45.3). All countries to the east.

If, on the other hand, you go to see the list of the most expensive states for August, here they stand out Iceland (192.3 euros each way), Portugal (181.8 euros), Malta (176.2), Cyprus (167.3) and Spain (161.8).

This ranking does not surprise the insiders: from late March-early April, they note, bookings to these areas have literally skyrocketed to double, triple, quadruple figures once the restrictions have been first loosened and then removed.


Some curiosities show the ranking of the cheapest airlines. Taken in July – with average, therefore consolidated data – Wizz Air was the cheapest (49.3 euros each way), followed by a traditional carrierAustrian Airlines (58.9) which charged less than Ryanair (64) and Vueling (66.8 euros).

For August – with the clarification that these are rates photographed a month earlier – check out the low cost Romanian company Blue Air (52 euros), the Spanish low-cost carrier Volotea (55.7 euros) rises to second place, the convenience of Austrian Airlines (67.4 euros) is confirmed, overtaking even Wizz Air (69.8 euros) and Ryanair (86.3) . These values ​​are the confirmation of the summer war between low cost and traditional.

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