Low-cost strikes Easyet and Ryanair, watch out for Spain

After the July round, one opens new phase of strikes in air transport in Spain. A theme that obviously concerns not only the Spaniards, but also thousands of tourists – including Italians – who are struggling with their holidays in Catalonia, in the Balearics or in other locations on the Iberian Peninsula.

The last workers’ strike Ryanair – on 8 August – caused a dozen Ryanair cancellations and over two hundred late cancellations between Palcma de Mallorca, Barcelona and Menorca. But now the low-cost airline irlandesand, struggling for months with the demands of the staff, “Does not foresee any inconvenience” for flights scheduled between August and Septemberspeaking of two “poorly supported strikes, called by two minor trade unions” (Uso and Sitcpla).
What about the canceled flights, then? Blame the strike, yes, but the flight controllerswhich in fact made themselves heard in July.

Flight personnel unions are calling for “the application of fundamental labor rights, which cannot be negotiated, such as 22 working days of annual leave or 14 public holidays established by law”. The agitation is proclaimed from Monday to Thursday of all weeks.

Another mobilization concerns Easyjet: in this case it strike – declared by the pilots union – is expected in the period 12-14 Augustthen again from 19 to 21finally on the weekend 27-29 August. On the other hand, there are no flight attendants’ strikes at Easyjet after an overall agreement has been closed.

Outside of Spain and low cost airlines, the scenario remains problematic in the United Kingdom (with British Airways having decided not to fly any longer from Heathrow, the most complicated airport due to a lack of staff) and in Germany, where exclude new trade union unrest after those of the ground staff on the main Lufthansa hubs.

As for Italy, the legislation on strikes is rather restrictive and therefore from 27 July to 5 September it is not possible to plan unrest. Some strikes, on the other hand, are scheduled to start in mid-September, also in Milan Malpensa.

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