Luba de Pedreiro talks about his pension and hints at the possibility of breaking up with Tavira Gomez

An influencer posted a video on social media that appeared to hint at the couple’s breakup.

September 17th
– 5:32 p.m.

(Updated on 2023/9/18 9:46)

Luba de Pedreiro hints that relationship with Tavira Gomez may break up

Luba de Pedreiro hints that relationship with Tavira Gomez may break up

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/Távila Gomes/Esporte News Mundo

Influencer Luba de Pedreiro has caused a stir on social media by hinting that his relationship with girlfriend Tavira Gomez may be coming to an end. The biologist was about four months pregnant with Luba, and since then the news revealed by correspondents has reflected the supposed conflict.

In a video posted on his network this Sunday (17th), Luba said: “It would be impossible. I would have to receive a pension,” and these words were shared with Tavira Gomez. It was suggested that he was referring to the child who would be born in the future. Moreover, Iran described him as “unlovable”, further raising the idea that he may no longer be with the biologist.

Ever since her pregnancy was discovered, a lot of controversy has arisen. On the eve of their son’s unveiling party, where they revealed the baby’s gender to be male, there was already a disagreement between the two, perhaps because Tavira would publicly share the news of her pregnancy on social media. It is thought that this was because he did not like Mr. Luba de Pedreiro’s method.

At another point, Tavira hit back at critics of their relationship. There were some public accusations that the relationship was motivated by “profit,” but biologists countered that people “don’t even know one percent of what’s going on.” Later, Luba was seen driving a car without a license, causing controversy again.

In addition to their relationship, there was another issue that involved Luva’s legal side. A Rio de Janeiro court has decided to impose a fine of 50,000 reais for each day of breach of bank account confidentiality and non-compliance. The issue involves Ilan and his former manager Alan Jesus, who has accused the influencer of breaching his contract.

To date, there have been no further statements from either side regarding a possible separation. Mr Luba’s son should be named Cristiano Ronaldo Junior, in honor of Portugal’s No. 7, who Iran considers his personal idol.

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