Luca Guadagnino has started filming Challengers with Zendaya and Josh O’Connor

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Zendaya arrived in Boston to begin filming Challengersthe new film by Luca Guadagnino which will see her starring next to Josh O’Connor from The crown and Mike Faist of West Side Story.

Since the Italian director has managed to make himself known all over the world thanks to the film Call me by your name with Armie Hammer e Timothee Chalamet (Zendaya’s colleague in Dunes), the big Hollywood celebs began to compete to work with him starting with the star of Euphoriafresh from the success not only of the streaming TV series on Now, but also from the stratospheric collections obtained from Spider-Man: No way homewhere the 25-year-old starred alongside her boyfriend Tom Holland.

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With regard to Challengers the plot of the new film by They earn will tell the story of Tashi (played by Zendaya), a tennis player who later becomes her husband’s coach Art, who transforms from mediocre tennis player to Grand Slam champion. Once the apex is reached, however, the moment of collapse immediately arrives for Art, which Tashi will try to curb by registering her partner in a “Challenger” event where the man finds himself facing Patrick, his wife’s ex-boyfriend. It goes without saying that the two will spark sparks on and off the pitch, starting a challenge within a challenge.

The director of Suspiria is planning a very exciting film, which promises to be a success in style Call me by your name and this also thanks to the cast Selected by Guadagnino, made up of some of the hottest big names in Hollywood.

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