Luca Mercalli pushes the use of balcony photovoltaics. Here’s what you need to know

The energy crisis and rising prices of electricity and gas they are pushing many Italians to look for alternative methods to save and feed their homes. In the past few hours some suggestions have arrived from the well-known science communicator Luca Mercalliwhich proudly showed a new photovoltaic system owned by him.

Balcony photovoltaic

It is specifically a balcony photovoltaic kitand these are Mercalli’s words, which immediately attracted a lot of attention: “My roof has been covered with solar panels for 15 years but yesterday I connected my first photovoltaic balcony panel, very useful especially for those in a condominium, 340 W peak, connects directly to an electrical outlet. Today it produced 2 kWh!“.

Ready-to-use kits like the one shown by Mercalli they simply plug into a household electrical outletand “push” the electricity produced directly into your system, without having to do anything else.

As expected, comments and shares multiplied in a few hours, which is why the scientist returned to the subject shortly after, adding various useful information. We report them directly from his Facebook page.

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