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♪ At the age of 28, celebrated on January 12th, Luccas Carlos is a singer and songwriter from Rio de Janeiro, currently based in the city of São Paulo (SP) and generally associated with R&B – for the phrasing of the singing, which he has been intuitively cut since childhood – and with rap, for having been projected from 2016 on collaborative singles with the likes of BK, Costa Gold and Rashid.

However, in his childhood lived in Tijuca, a neighborhood in the north of Rio de Janeiro, the artist listened to both the samba of fellow countrymen Fundo de Quintal and Zeca Pagodinho and the rap of North Americans Chris Brown, Kanye West and 2 Pac (1971 – 1996).

Album released on Friday, May 13, young Carlos synthesizes the influences and experiences of Luccas Carlos in music and in life. It is not the singer’s “debut album”, as the presentation text sent to the music press to promote the album claims, but rather the first album by Luccas Carlos on the slap label (from the record company Som Livre) in partnership with producer We4 Music.

Since releasing the EP One (2017) five years ago, the artist has already presented albums such as Solar (2020), Lucas Carlos live (2019) and even a million dream$ (2018), a disc with eight tracks and 27 minutes that, because it has less than half an hour, can also be classified as an EP, although it has the consistency of an album.

In this fourth album (or third, for those who rate a million dream$ as an EP), Luccas Carlos – composer of more than 150 songs, including songs recorded by singers such as Iza and Luísa Sonza – ranks ten songs composed and/or produced with André Jordão, Caio Paiva, Douglas Moda, Gee Rocha, Go Daassisti, Lulu Santos, Pedro Breder, Pedro Dash, Pedro Lotto, Nave, Vitão and Willsbife.

One of the kings of Brazilian pop, Lulu Santos appears in the technical file as a guest on the recording of Option and lyricist of this song made by Luccas with Pedro Dash. Chris MC drops the verb in More than that.

Cover of the album ‘Jovem Carlos’, by Luccas Carlos — Photo: Disclosure

As said, the album young Carlos was recorded with the intention of summarizing Luccas’ trajectory in music. if (I didn’t want to) Talk about love and Brown echo the samba heard by the artist in his childhood when he lived with his father, being partnerships between Luccas with Douglas Moda and André Jordão, respectively, thinking things 2 – music by Nave with lyrics written by Luccas with Vitão, already presented in a single released in January – reverberates reverences from the UK garage heard by the singer’s sister in the house where they grew up together.

And speaking of Vitão, the artist also appears in the album’s credits young Carlos as a partner of Luccas in Conversationmusic originated from a beat created by Luccas and polished in the studio by producer Nave.

Recurring name on the album, Nave is the beat creator of the title song young Carlos and the trap beat ingrained in Mazea partnership between Luccas and Gee Rocha – with whom the singer created the aforementioned album a million dream$ – and Go Dassisti.

Already if you let reconnects Luccas Carlos with Caio Paiva and Pedro Lotto – the duo Lotto & Paiva from the label White Monkey Recordings – while Unusual (track already released as a single) is composed by Pedro Breder.

Throughout the ten songs, the album retraces the journey of the young artist on a route that began in Tijuca from childhood to the present lived in São Paulo.

Luccas Carlos presents ten original songs on the album ‘Jovem Carlos’ — Photo: Disclosure

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