Lucia Amitrani wins the Gabbioneta 2022 Award

Lucia Amitrani is the winner of the Gabbioneta Sculpture Prize, dedicated to artists under 40. To make the announcement, the jury composed of Maria Fratelli, Nada Pivetta, Roberto Rocchi, Giovanna Sereni and Giorgio Tomasi, who unanimously decided to award the artist born in Milan in 1997 the recognition promoted by Trillium Pumps Italy, a group of which Gabbioneta Pumps Italy belongs. The jury awarded a special mention, for the interest of the proposed projects, to the works of the artists Giulia Carminato, Michele D’Agostino, Filippo Gallorini and Giulia Zianni.

Lucia Amitrani’s project, winner of the Gabbioneta Prize, is titled “New Zealand’s Sky” and features a telescope made with a mechanical piece proposed by the company. It is an object linked to the construction of an imaginary but which also contemplates the possibility of real use. This double interpretation was considered by the jury to be very significant, in the current historical and political moment, in which it would be desirable to look at the wider world. Furthermore, the jury considered the work particularly suitable for the place, outdoors, in which it will be placed. “” New Zealand’s Sky “is a project of great formal and aesthetic elegance, in which the artist combines sculpture with elements of proto-photography, so as to make it interesting from a linguistic point of view through an unpredictable mix of languages”, reads in the reasons.

«’New Zealand’s Sky’ is a telescope that allows you to see the antipodes without moving, overturning the normal conception according to which the sky is above us and the earth below us», writes Lucia Amitrani in her presentation. «The reality is that we are on a sphere and to see from the other side of the globe it would be enough to peek through a telescope that crosses it along its entire width. Perhaps, however, what we will see will simply be the same sky that is above our heads and that we have forgotten to observe in our frantic search for the unknown ».

Constraint to participate in the competition is the inclusion in the project of one or more mechanical parts of Gabbioneta, an Italian company founded in 1897 and known throughout the world for the design and production of very high quality centrifugal pumps. The telescope will be made entirely of stainless steel using the FINISHED BEARING BRACKET GRANDE mechanical piece and also imitating its coloring.

This element will constitute the column / container of the whole telescope performing its natural support function. The telescope will be anchored to the ground thanks to a concrete plinth. The projection of the sky on the ground will be possible thanks to the use of the pinhole camera principle, which, by creating a completely darkened space with a hole of the right size, allows you to project the image of what is on the other side of the hole, in this case the sky. The cash prize for the realization of the work of 10 thousand euros will be given to the winner together with the mechanical piece. The inauguration will take place at the end of September, at the headquarters of Trillium Pumps Italy – Gabbioneta Pumps, in Nova Milanese.

The Prize is made in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan and the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara and is supported by the patronage of the Lombardy Region and the Municipality of Milan.

Artists participating in the seventh edition: A red spot, Camilla Alberti, Lucia Amitrani (Winner), Gabriele Belloni, Giulia Carminato (Finalist), Chiara Cocchi, Michele D’agostino (Finalist), Gabriella Dondi, Clarissa Falco, Marta Fernandez, Filippo Gallorini (Finalist), Yao Qing Huang, Fabio Ingrosso, Marta Mariano, Lorenzo Passi, Gabriele Pirrò, Irene Russo, Giacomo Scarpellini, Davide Tagliabue, Federico Telloli, Federica Zianni (Finalist).

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