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Daughter of Taiwanese parents immigrants to Queens, Lucy Liu is a very famous actress who in 2019 also won one star to his name on the prestigious Walk of Fame of Hollywood. At his side during this important occasion, the son Rockwell Lloyd as well as the friends and colleagues Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz. Since they starred together in Charlie’s Angels, the three seem inseparable. Charlie’s Angels is undoubtedly a film that brought luck to Lucy Liu, who already had a nice resume for television. It is indeed her attorney Ling Woo in the series Ally McBeal.

the life of lucy liu and the beginnings on television

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Lucy Liu’s life and her beginnings on television

Where Lucy Liu was born? Most people believe she was born in Taiwan. Actually only the Lucy’s parents are Taiwanese. They immigrated to Queens before he was born to seek some luck. Lucy was therefore born in New York on December 2, 1968. He attends Stuyvesant High School in New York and graduates in Asian Languages ​​and Cultures from the University of Michigan. She manages to get small roles in some TV series, like X-Files And ER – Doctors on the front line.

Success comes with the telefilm Ally McBeal in which she plays the irascible lawyer Ling Woo. The character of the lawyer Ling Woo it is a secondary role, not a permanent presence in the series Ally McBeal. Just a few episodes are enough to understand that the public at home is growing fond of it and the production therefore decides to adapt it. Thanks to this character, Lucy Liu obtained one in 1999 Emmy Award nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy Series. In 2000 she wins, always for the same category, one Screen Actors Guild Award.

Lucy Liu, from television to cinema

From television to cinema, the step is short. Recites in The spiral of revenge, Gridlock’d – Criminal instincts, Payback, Let’s meet in Las Vegas. They are important roles, but it is only with Charlie’s Angels that Lucy Liu comes to fame. In Charlie’s Angels Lucy Liu she works alongside Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz, who become two of her great friends. The film, inspired by the cult TV series, is a big success and allows Lucy to introduce the two qualities of actress to the general public in an even more intense way. She also stars in sequel Charlie’s Angels – More than ever.

It is then chosen by the director Quentin Tarantino for the movie Kill Bill: Vol 1released in 2003. In Kill Bill Lucy Liu is the bad O-Ren Ishii, a role that allows her to put herself in a good light with criticism. She then acts in Chinese bullets, Ballistic, Slevin – Criminal Pact, The sect of darkness, Codename: Cleaner, 3 Needles. Also acts in Kill Bill: Volume 2. Appears in some episodes of the TV series Ugly Betty, in an episode of Sex and the City in which she interprets simple herself, in Dirty Sexy Money, Cashmere Mafiawithout forgetting the TV series Elementary which sees her as protagonist from 2012 to 2019. She still acts for the cinema, in Someday this pain will be useful to you, Detachment – Detachment, The man with the Iron fists. 2019 is a very important year for the actress, which she wins in fact a star on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame. Not just an actress, Lucy Liu is also a very successful voice actress. In addition to having voiced herself in a cameo in Futurama, works as a voice actress for Mulan, Mulan II, Kung Fu Panda, Tinker Bell.

the private life of lucy liu

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Lucy Liu’s private life

The writer Zach Helm has long been the partner of Lucy Liu. In 2004 the couple announced that they wanted to get married with a simple ceremony, away from the Hollywood spotlight, designed for a few close friends. To the wedding Lucy Liu however it never came. There is no certain information about what happened, also because Lucy Liu is a very reserved woman. In fact, however, the wedding was canceled.

She didn’t have much luck in love, but she always wanted to become a mother. So she made an important decision, to become a single mom. Hence, in 2015 the Lucy Liu’s son, Rockwell Lloyd from surrogate mother. The relationship between mom Lucy Liu and Rockwell Lloyd it seems to be very tight indeed, even according to the photos I post online from time to time. Across the Lucy Liu’s Instagram profile it is easy to understand what his passions and his way of looking at the world are. She is an athletic woman, who she loves to take care of her body and do physical activity. Loves fashion and art. Strongly believes in the importance of environmental sustainability and the safeguarding of all species living on the planet. Lucy Liu today follows a ‘healthy and genuine food and tries to make his fans aware of this issue.

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