Ludmilla reveals that she is spending two million reais for a concert at Rock in Rio – 08/24/2022

08/24/2022 | 10:11

No slurs on the tongue! As a guest of the podcast Podpah last Tuesday, the 23rd, Ludmilla had a relaxed chat with Igão and Mítico and addressed several current and past issues.

Super fan of Beyoncé, the Brazilian singer revealed that she was bullied at the time of school for trying to imitate the American artist. Lud said that she already wore hair extensions to look like Queen B’s and even tried to copy the color used by the artist, but colleagues did not understand the concept of wigs and mocked.

– It was made fun of at school because the children didn’t understand what was applied. Then I went to implant school and people didn’t understand and said: Guys, does she have dead hair on her head? I was trying to achieve Beyoncé’s hair color. I was trying to do that golden Beyoncé thing.

A card-carrying fan, Ludmilla also proved to be quite entrepreneurial like Queen B. From a young age, the carioca already had her own online radio station and made a point of promoting so that people could listen to her selection of songs.

But little Lud has grown up and is now getting ready to perform on the huge stages of Rock in Rio! Also in the conversation, Brunna Gonçalves’ wife revealed how much she is investing in this show.

– I’m preparing a cannon. We are spending two million reais with the Rock in Rio show. It will be the show of my life. I’m with a monster team. It will be my first time at Rock in Rio with an entire show of mine.

Ludmilla didn’t give more details, but we know we can expect a lot from her, right? It is worth remembering that the singer will be on the stages of Rock in Rio on September 11th.


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