Luis Cruz denounces millions he owes for sale of Parma, mentions Vidal crisis: ‘It’s all bullshit’

Aris, who hails from Greece, paid the Honduras only a very small fee; they owe them the original transfer fee and almost all the money Celtic paid for the legionnaire.

President Life, Luis CruzA few months later, Sebeño were going through a painful period of unpaid wages, so pre-season would start late.

The Coconuts team did not pay wages for October and November and decided to reduce wages by 20%. According to the businessman, the situation has been resolved so that work will finally begin, although there are still two weeks until the start of the competition. Ends 2024.

“I’ve paid the form fees and I’ve paid the registration fees for the National League and now it’s time to sort out our other cases in the TAS and get everyone ready to start the Championships.”

“We understand people’s frustration, but I’d like to see that when they complain, when they arrive at the stadium, it’s always the same 700 people who arrive. To keep the team going, you have to have full support,” the Red leader said Sin Anesthesia Project commented.

The President has summoned all members of the institution, players and coaching staff to begin pre-season this Saturday (January 6). cross Responding to accusations that the agency was neglected because he was out of the country.

“My responsibilities in the company do not allow me to stay here all the time, I have to look after seven buildings. I have to dedicate my time to the team, although I will not always be physically involved because I cannot live away from the team. Life Because it doesn’t bring me a penny of income. “

“During the last tournament we had a nine (box office) deficit and I had to work to pay my salary of eighty thousand dollars a month,” replied the Sebeño club owner.

of Life The sensation of the Legion of Honduras arose, Luis Palma,currently celtics From Scotland.However, little or no attention was paid to assembling his team. aris thessaloniki Greek attacker transfer.

“Our first transfer was €200,000 and we retain 35% of the tokens for future sale, so we haven’t received the first payment yet.”

“he celtics Bought from Louis 4.8 million euros and he knows this, I told him before when we arranged everything in Portugal “don’t go to Aris”, but his agent insists that is the best place and the president there is a good man, And everything went to hell in the end because they really didn’t pay us the first transfer fee. “Our share of the recession is painful,” Cruz revealed of the recession.

They should have received 50,000 euros (1.3 million lempiras) for the transfer to Parma celticshe Aris He paid them only €1,306 (L27,000).

“We are taking action to get our fair share. We offered support to Luis and although we have not even received the full initial transfer fee, Aris owes us around €50,000 for the pass. palm“,He said.

Vida is awaiting the millions owed by Aris for the sale of Luis Parma to Celtic.

President Life It was revealed that they have filed a claim with FIFA, requiring the Greek club to pay them the corresponding amount, including the total payment for the first transfer in January 2022, and the amount paid to them by FIFA. celtics Last August.

“We have submitted the claim because it seemed unfair to us and we are happy that Louis broke it and are fine, but ultimately the agency needs this revenue to survive,” the Coconut Tree chief concluded.

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