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Luisa Mell (Photo: playback/instagram)

Luisa Mell (Photo: playback/instagram)

Luisa Mell he used his social network on Thursday, August 26, to inform your followers that you are feeling better. The empowering, he remarked that in spite of waking up with a bit more energy, and even feel a few aches and pains.

“Hey, guys! How are you? You know… I’m a little bit better. I’m not feeling the need to breath. I hate feeling out of breath, I had never experienced this in my own life. I’m still feeling a little pain in the stomach. I don’t go to the bathroom. But other than that, I have a feeling that I’m getting better,” he said in a video shared with us Stories from her Instagram.

However, she revealed that her husband follows you to the hospital and they have not seen any improvement in My husband, it is still difficult. He still admitted to the hospital, and he is not getting better. I am very shaken up emotionally, and I couldn’t stop crying yesterday. She went on to say: “I’m a little more calm and it will all work out. We are hoping that tomorrow he will start to get better. If you could pray for my husband,” she asked.

The employer Gilberto Zaborowsky you are admitted to a hospital in São Paulo, with pneumonia. He and She were diagnosed with a coronavirus.

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