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Luísa Sonza and Luan Santana in Coração Cigano (Photo: Disclosure)

Luísa Sonza and Luan Santana in Coração Cigano (Photo: Disclosure)

Luan Santana and Luísa Sonza have just released the single Gypsy heartsong that completes the album Luan City. The singers made this Tuesday (9) a press conference to talk about the partnership. During the chat, the countryman said that the song was inspired by Senõrita, a feat by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello.

The song has been around for two years and was sung by them first in the live that Luan did during the pandemic with Luísa and Giulia Be. “We saw the need for it to be live. I really wanted people to sing this song. I see scream, guys. It’s arena music. That’s why the time to be released is now… at the time, Señorita was exploding , and I said ‘that would suit Luísa a lot.’ the partnership.

“Luísa is that friend who ‘has already read my hand, my gaze, my future’. Luan City complete, releasing a song with her, is a way of thanking everyone who participated, Chitãozinho and Xororó, Henrique and Juliano, fans, friends, press… fully, with beauty, with joy. There’s that saying ‘women first’. But I believe women are there to bless us. I close with Luísa to show an entire city, in the form of art and life, toasting my 15 years of music”, she declares.


Luísa also talks about waiting for the song to be released: “Gypsy heart It’s a song that I love to hear on repeat, the lyrics, the melody… Having the chance to do this partnership with Luan was like a gift that we kept for two years, and now we’re finally going to be able to officially launch it for the audience, I’m very excited! The single is amazing!”, says the singer.

The singer also says that launching Gypsy heart right after the hit puppies it was a strategic move. “I always release very different songs one after the other. When I released Turbo Modesoon after I launched a pagoda with Thiaguinhowhat is tire you. when I launched sittingI launched expensive hotel with Baco Exu do Blues. I like to have that contrast because it makes the songs not compete with each other and the fans don’t compare. It brings a unity to the music”, he explains. “Very smart that”, praises Luan.

Sonza also spoke about the partnership’s contribution to his career. “Luan was the first artist who hugged me. I have a cover on my channel with him. We have a long relationship. He knew that I loved this kind of music and I want to have her back in my life after visiting the pop or funk. As much as people see me as a pop singer, I will always see myself as a dance singer who sings anything. The artist goes where the people are. If this song was played at a dance, it would be my favorite moment of the show”, says Luísa.

“He has a career of 15 years and I have 5… for me, it has a great emotional weight first of all. Making a song in his project is very significant. It’s a song unlike anything I’ve ever done… this opening is to take me to a place of respect, like ‘look, she’s already done this with Luan Santanta. There are several nuances of importance”, he declares.

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