Luísa Sonza reveals terrifying trauma about the wave of attacks she received; “I was afraid to die” – Portal Famosos Brasil

Luísa Sonza reveals terrifying trauma about the wave of attacks she received; “I was afraid to die”

who sees Luisa Sonza as one of the biggest pop artists in Brazil today, she may not remember that the singer went through moments of extreme difficulty in her life, even though she was only 22 years old at the time.

Luísa was one of the guests of the GNT program, Saia Justa, presented by Astrid Fontenelle, Sabrina Sato, Luana Xavier and Larissa Luz and the artist used one of the moments to talk about one of the most difficult times in her life, which was after the end of her relationship with comedian Whinderson Nunes.

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Luísa revealed that she had to hire security guards due to attacks and curses she suffered daily when she tried to go out on the street. The interpreter of “BREAKFAST” revealed that she had a panic attack when boarding the plane.

“I got on the plane and there was this guy glaring at me. I told my security guard and he said that everything was ok, to put my head down and there I already started to have a panic attack. I got on the plane and sat down and this guy was the last one to sit down. I don’t know if it was something in my head or not, but he took a black suitcase and put it next to where I was sitting.”revealed Luisa.

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The guy put the black suitcase, I thought he would sit next to me. He took it and went to the back of the plane. I started thinking, this guy is going to kill me, this guy is going to kill me. I went into despair, shaking and I wanted to get off the plane. The stewardess was already closing the door and I said I was going to leave, I was having a crisis of almost not being able to walk. That day I couldn’t travel“, concluded the artist.

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