Luka Doncic extends six more years with Jordan

August 28, 2023 at 11:25 am by thomas

Luka Doncic continues the adventure with the Jordan Brand.

There Dallas Mavericks NBA star Luka DoncicAccording to information from NBA expert Mark Stein, has signed a six-year contract extension with Nike’s Jordan Brand. “This deal will allow Doncic to remain one of the iconic faces of this athletic shoe brand through 2029,” Stein wrote. This means that Doncic will be associated with the Jordan Brand for a longer period of time than his contract with the Mavericks. The player, who has already been selected to the All-Star Game four times, currently runs through the 2025–2026 season, with an option for a 2026–2027 season.

Luke Doncic has extended his tenure with the Jordan Brand until 2029

The Jordan Brand first announced Doncic as a star athlete in December 2019 under a five-year contract. Earlier, he signed a two-year contract with Nike in 2017 while playing for Real Madrid. Since his signing in 2019, the Slovenian point guard has already launched two versions of his signature shoe. The announcement of this expansion comes shortly before the release of the latest version of Jordan Luka 2. This “Lake Blade” edition, named after a lake in Doncic’s native country of Slovenia, will be available for sale on September 14. Doncic thus became the sixth NBA player to have a Jordan Brand shoe named after him, and the first European player to be so honored.

NBA player admired by equipment manufacturers

Jordan Brand wasn’t the only athletic shoe brand interested in Doncic. In 2020, LeBron James said on the Road Trippin’ podcast (aired by CBS Sports) that he wanted Doncic to be Nike’s first “Team LeBron” brand signee in 2019. That year, there was also speculation over a possible signing of Doncic with the Yankees. Under Armour, after being photographed wearing the Curry 7 shoes before a match. Those rumors may now be debunked, with the Slovenian wearing Jordan’s shoes while campaigning to appear in a fifth consecutive All-Star Game this autumn.

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