Luka Modric looks back at his extraordinary journey with Real Madrid

Croatian midfielder Luka Modric recently spoke about his 11 seasons at Real Madrid. They shared iconic moments while looking at their commemorative jerseys that marked their adventure to the White House.

Modric, who could be experiencing his final season with Real Madrid, expressed his deep love for the club: ” Real Madrid means everything to me. It’s part of my life, my family and it’s a way of life. I’m Croatian and born there, but after living here for eleven years I feel at home. I am grateful for everything I experienced at the best club in the history of football. ,

He also shared memories related to important moments of his career with Real Madrid, highlighting some commemorative jerseys from notable matches. Modrić underlined the importance of the 200-match jersey, which led to memorable victories in the Champions League, as well as the 250-match jersey, which marks the third consecutive Champions League triumph in Kyiv: ” We had already won Decima, which was very special. I waited twelve years to win it and since I really like the number 10, it was special to win it (…) With this jersey (250 matches), we won the third consecutive Champions League in Kiev. It was impressive and something no team had ever done before “, Modric declared during this interview. brand,

Luka Modric’s pride

The Ballon d’Or was also mentioned, with Modrić winning the most prestigious award for a player. The 300 matches with Real Madrid have a specific symbolism. He described this achievement thus: Dream » And underlined the special character of this jersey.

The midfielder shared anecdotes from some sporting moments, including the Clasico against Barça, where he scored a spectacular goal following a play-through sequence with Rodrigo: ” He gave me the assist and after two or three dribbles I scored the goal. It was a very good goal with the outside of the foot. I have loved playing outside since I was little Modric also talked about winning another Clasico at the Camp Nou and stressed the importance of winning such matches.

Before discussing his 500th match with Real, the Croatian returned to Ballon d’Or 450. As Modric and Zidane presented their Golden Ball to Karim Benzema, he finished the evening with the winning goal in Seville, an unforgettable evening for the Real number. 10.

The 500-match jersey was presented with a certain humility from the Croatian player: ” 500 matches is an impressive number. Being one of those who played so many matches for Real Madrid fills me with pride, ,

Luka Modric expressed his gratitude to the supporters, highlighting the affection he receives every time he steps onto the Bernabeu pitch: “ Every time I step onto the pitch at the Bernabéu I feel very happy with the affection I receive. So I always want to give back to them by giving my best “. A statement that testifies to Luka Modric’s deep attachment to Real Madrid and its supporters.

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