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“I don’t care about the top scorers. I tell you honestly: I only think about the Scudetto. We are at Inter: here we play for the Scudetto, we don’t play for individual things.” Long interview by Romelu Lukaku to Daznthe Belgian striker speaks in the round in view of the start of Serie A.

THE FIRST PERSON HE TOLD HE WOULD RETURN TO INTER – “Lautaro. We talked to each other on Instagram, I had changed my number. And then on WhatsApp. He was one of the first I spoke to, then Dimarco, Bastoni and the others”.

ANGER – “The season at Chelsea has given me extra motivation to do even better than before. I think in a year everyone has forgotten about the things I am capable of on the pitch. That is a kind of anger that I have inside of me. Which now also has the team, which did not win last year: all together we hope to do better and bring something home “.

WHAT HE WAS WRONG TO GO AWAY – “So many things. I think that before, when I left, I wanted to take this revenge at Chelsea because when I was young it was my team for 11 years. I had the opportunity to go back there and think I was a protagonist, but it was not In March, when I learned that there was an opportunity to come back here, I didn’t say anything, but towards the end of the season we did a great job with the club and I was able to come back here. end of the season, so after the last match I started to think about my situation alone. I saw that as a player with Inter I did well, the season at Chelsea was difficult for me. I had no doubts, that’s why I made the decision to come back here “.

MENTAL WORK AFTER UNDERSTANDING THAT HE WOULD RETURN TO INTER – “What work have I done? To fit into the team in the best possible way, Inter plays differently than when I was there. The important thing for me is to fit in well, to understand the coach’s form. During the year I had many contacts with Inter players, for me it’s like I’m in my second year and I’ve never left. “

WHAT HE SAW AGAIN – “The players have more desire to win, every match is life or death and I like that. We need this. This team is even more united than before.”

BROZO OR STRETCHER DID THEY MAKE HIM PAY? – “No, no, not yet (laughs, editor’s note). I had to sing and pay at the team dinner but this is just normal”.

ARE YOU FOUND THE SAME AS BEFORE? – “Better. Brozo has become even more leader and more open in communication than before, he complains a lot (laughs, ed). Barella is even more protagonist on the field, he made more assists last year, having also won the Italian Cup , Super Cup and the European Championship made him stronger “.

INTER THE STRONGEST? – “I’m not one who talks before the season, it doesn’t make sense. In the end, yes and we’ll see who is the strongest.”

LAUTARO – “I told him he has to do more (laughs, ed). We both told ourselves that we have to do better than before. If we want to achieve the team goals, we all have to do better because the other teams have become stronger. I have seen immediately that his qualities can help me and my qualities can help him. We are not selfish attackers, I know when it is Lautaro’s day and not mine, so I help him and we win and we take her home. We want to win too. the matches, we are always in opposite teams because we want to be competitive, but we know that even together we can make a difference for the team. “

EXULTANCIES – “If we have already talked about it? It remains that one, why do we have to change?”.

PRESSURE – “The pressure is there in training. There is always someone who always provokes in training: this is the greatest pressure, the rest does not matter. I am concentrated on the pitch, I don’t read newspapers, I work hard and in the end Inter must win, the rest doesn’t matter. “

IT IS ALWAYS LIKE THIS’? – “When I arrived at Inter I became like this, because I arrived at Manchester United for two mentally difficult years. Physically I suffered because I was not there with my head, I have to thank Conte because he made me a strong player, but mentally I it really made me grow, it taught me to never give up and to give it my all. This will stay with me until the end “.

INZAGHI – “Even Inzaghi is like that, that’s also why I came back. My brother spoke well to me about him, last year too I saw how he worked and I like it”.

WHAT WOULD LUKAKU BE WITHOUT MEETING INTER? – “It was destiny to play for Inter, like for Anderlecht and Chelsea. It was what I imagined, Inter and Anderlecht and Everton gave me the opportunity to become the player I am. The love of the people and the fans, for me and for my family, I thank them and I still apologize for how I left, but I have to speak on the pitch. “

THE SCREAM IN THE DERBY: BACK TO RETURN THE THRONE? – “I would like to take the trophy, I’m not here for myself but to help Inter win the Scudetto. After the crown (laughs, ed)”.

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