Lumena Aleluia expands the list of ex-BBBs on the adult content platform OnlyFans; check out

Recently on the adult content platform, the psychologist, DJ and ex-BBB Lumen Hallelujah came to claim that he earned R$ 100 thousand in ten days of the open profile. The Bahian woman, who has over 550,000 fans on social media, also changed her look: with 380 ml of silicone in her breasts, she exudes sensuality. At the only fans, the degree of eroticism varies between thousands of famous and anonymous. There are those who are only in sensual and suggestive poses. And there are those who offer nudity (like Lumena) and even explicit sex.

The pandemic helped expand this market, with anonymous people looking for ways to earn income without leaving home. created in UK in 2016, OnlyFans gathers today, according to estimates, between 26 million and 50 million users. Among those enrolled are Brazilian celebrities (such as anita, Valeska Popozuda and Geisy Arruda) and foreigners, such as Cardi B. and Chris Brown. Check out the list with some Big Brother Brasil participants, which are also on the adult site.

BBB 22: Luciano Estevan

Known for aiming for fame, former BBB Luciano Estevan, was the first eliminated from the current edition of the reality show. For a monthly subscription of US$ 13 (approximately R$ 60), followers can take a look at the model’s sexy photos and videos.

BBB 22: Maria

Actress and singer Maria, 22, also revealed within the reality that she had a profile on the site Only Fans. She joined the platform during the pandemic, after having played the role of Verena in the soap opera “Amor de Mãe” (Globo). The monthly subscription costs twelve dollars, around R$65 reais.

BBB 20: Hadson Nery

In 2022, Hadson Nery from Pará, known as Hadballa, from “BBB 20”, decided to invest in the sale of sensual content. He debuted the profile on OnlyFans for the starting price of R$199.

BBB 20: Lucas Gallina

Another former BBB of the 20th edition who also shares bold clicks is Lucas. During editing, he gained a reputation as a villain.

BBB 18: Wagner Santiago

After an intimate video in which he appears receiving a Greek kiss was leaked from Onlyfans to social media, the former BBB saw his number of subscribers on the adult content platform practically double.

BBB 14: Clara Aguiar

She, who was already a “camgirl” before participating in “BBB”, also decided to invest in sexy videos as a way to raise income.

BBB 14: Vanessa Mesquita

Who also joined the platform was the champion of the edition. The former BBB and animal activist charges 10 dollars for the subscription that gives access to the profile of the adult content platform.

BBB 13: Natalia Casassola

In interviews, the former participant of editions 8 and 13 revealed that she has already earned R$ 20 thousand in just 20 days. Natalia joined the site after the end of her marriage last year.

BBB 1: Angelica Martins

Angélica Martins, known as “Morango” on social networks, already has more than 3,500 likes on Only Fans.

BBB 9: Francine Piaia

After being single, Fran decided to start a new career. She, who had a romance with Max Porto during the reality show, opened an account on OnlyFans. Her entry to the social network helped her with self-esteem.

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