Lupine. Zero social distancing on vaccinations! This piston is dangerous

The fact reached the photos and people who vaccinated at CDT Medicus in Lubin on Saturday, November 27. The place was a mess. Worse still, many people were vaccinated that day with the first dose …

We were there and we found out that anyone can enter the facility. Our reporter had not checked the temperature at the entrance to the facility, no one asked for an ID card or symptoms. Despite the agreed surgery hours, the “first come, first served” system is in place. Only after vaccination, the doctor asks what time you have signed in …

Effect? Huge chaos and crowds. We counted 55 people colliding in a small corridor. Some people only covered their mouth with masks, not their nose. No one on staff even tried to position people to be safer. People ordered to undergo surgery killed time with talks. We heard that a lot of them just came for the first dose, so there was a lot of risk that they would infect someone.

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