Luscious mouth: this long-lasting lip pencil at 4.95 euros is Hailey Bieber’s must-have

Who else but Hailey Bieber to make a lip pencil a must? What’s more, his must have is inexpensive. Everything we love!

Hailey Bieber is a real influencer, it’s a fact. Everything she puts forward on her social networks is experiencing an incredible resurgence in popularity in the process. This is the case for the make-up products that the young woman uses daily. As she unveils a video tutorial of the Strawberry make-up trend on TikTok (a trend she started of course), one of the products used catches our attention. And for good reason, it is a lip liner from NYX Professional Makeup. His price ? 4.95 euros.

Hailey Bieber uses an ultra-affordable lip liner

To get that famous pout, Hailey Bieber has Nyx’s slim lip liner pencil in nude Truffle. Why this choice ? This product has a long-lasting creamy texture, an important criterion for effortless application. Its formulation allows the lip pencil to glide easily over the contours of the mouth, without any smudging. It is even possible to lightly blend it with your finger to obtain a “natural” finish. Result, in just a few minutes, you will have perfectly defined lips.

You should also know that this lip pencil comes in 32 shades, ideal for artistic fun. Hailey Bieber, addicted to clean looks reworked with delicacy, is in favor of the nude truffle. As the name suggests, it’s a classic light brown shade. A perfect strand in cold tones that will add dimension to your lips. In lip contour, it offers a stunning finish. Aficionados of more colorful make-up can opt for orange or electric red. By adopting this lip liner, you maximize your chances of having a beautiful colored mouth since it acts as a base. And tadam! For 4.95 euros, why deprive yourself of this must have ?


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Nyx slim lip liner lip pencil at 4.95 euros
© pressNyx slim lip liner lip pencil at 4.95 euros

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