Luxury condo goes into a panic in front of the tv with the coronavirus

Residents of a condominium went into a panic, with the arrival of kim Stinger, formerly a journalist for the Globe, which he admitted have been infected with the coronavirus

247 Residents of a luxury condominium in the heart of Sao Paulo, panicked, and tried to confine him to force one of its residents the most prominent: the Mariana Ferrão, a former director of the “Well-Being” of the World.

The report in the portal Gallery highlights the reason: “it is admitted publicly last week to have contracted the coronavirus, Kim has traveled, in the sequence for this complex, located in the state of São Paulo, brazil.”

The material also says that “the coming of the host of the site caused a panic, immediately into the “group chat” from the residents of the building. The situation worsened after some of them saw in there was giving it a walk in the local area. Enraged, the residents have triggered the safety and security of the place to see and to send Marian to stay in “confinement”.”

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